Prejudism is All Around Us

December 10, 2007
By Lauren Zai, Commack, NY

I do not think that this newspaper on saving Americans from others who are not perfect Americans should be printed or advertised in the newspaper. The writer of this racist advertisement is against different cultures and religion. Today, it is difficult to see perfect. White-blood Americans in our country anymore, because the world has opened up to many varied cultures that benefit our world. There are many religions, cultures, and languages that the United States share together, and because of that our nation has grown to a much larger population.
I am close to many people that are different cultures, whether they are Muslim, Italian, Hawaiin, or Asian, each and every one of my friends has great personalities. Many of my friends are mixed Italian, and Irish also. If you go into New York City and take a glance around, you see many cultures and hear many languages that are unfamiliar to you. In the city there are places such as Chinatown, and Little Italy that are open to everyone to see and have a feel of what different cultures are like. So many people in the society marry into new cultures and are able to learn about different ways of living. When living and getting close to other ethnicities, or races, you are able to learn and adapt to new things that we may even like and enjoy.
“More members are needed to save Americans…” I am against this quote in any way possible and totally disagree what the author of this quote is trying to provoke. There is no need to help “Save Americans”, because other races are only helping and enhancing the minds of others. We need different cultures and we need to learn about what is going on in other countries and how religions affect us in any way. Many people are stereotypical, that if an African American does something bad, then they look and treat all African Americans differently. I am a different culture and race, and for that I would like people to be interested in knowing about my culture, and am not afraid to answer any questions they may have about my ethnicity. My friends all treat me the same as they would any other person in the society, and I treat them all the same equally. There should never be any complications with different races or ethnicities, and everyone should want to get along with others that may be different, but willing to learn more about that person.

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