Dew of Deception

June 18, 2008
By Eliza Rooney, Louisburg, KS

All I said was why did you do this to me?
His voice was hushed
He was speechless
Desperately searching for words
As tears became upon my face
Like dew on the new morning grass
Scattering upon my blushed flesh
I was embarrassed
All I have ever been told
All I have ever believed were lies
Rotten petals upon my credulous face
Why had I opened my heart once again?
Have I not learned?
I just looked upon him, wondering, breathing
I knew he had deceived me
My heart, I could not feel,
It wasn’t even upon my body
I felt it in his cozen hands
Just waiting to squeeze
And for me to udder my last breath
His deluding tears chilled my body
Like ice drops upon my warm flesh
Of burning hatred and scorn
I inquired questions about the conundrum
He only made foolish dispensations
That brought only more dew
To the already sodden grass…

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