June 6, 2008
The blistering hot sun is beating on my face. The sand is burning the sols of my feet and it hurts to stand in it for more then 2 seconds. I walk towards a man who is wearing purple cut off shorts, an orange tank top, and a black hat that reads Nike in white letters. He grabs me by the shoulder with a firm grip and asks if I want to go parasailing for only 15 dollars? I nod my head to signal that I would like too and head over to a group of men who are holding a black harness that looks like a giant pair of underwear. I step into the harness and the men start to fasten and tighten straps and strings around my body. Some of the straps are so tight I feel like I am in a stray jacket. The harness is tied to an orange string that has to be at least 100 feet long. The string is not very thick, but looks like it is very strong. The orange string is tied to the end of a boat that is in the ocean. The boat is old and looks tired. It is green and its paint is starting to peal. The boat starts to move away from the shore and I begin to move. I start to pick up speed and start jogging through the sand. My feet begin to lift of the sand and I am up in the air. I keep going up and up. I have butterflies in my stomach and my feet start to tingle. I look down and the ocean is growing farther and farther away from me. The ocean is spotted with different shades of blues. Some of the shades are light like the color of the sky and I can tell that it is shallow there. The area which I am now over is dark blue and I know that it is deep there. I keep looking down even though it is a freighting sight. I’m about 100 feet in the sky now and my heart is pumping like the piston to the engine of a car. I am excited and scared at the same time. I am so high up right now that I can see little huts in the hill tops. They are tiny, no bigger then the size of my closet. They have silver roofs that look like they are made out of tin. The doors are brown and the door knobs are a shade of green that I have never seen before. I think I see someone in it, but I am too far away to tell. The boat that is pulling me begins to turn around and head back to the shore. I think to my self, how are they going to land me on that small beach when I am so high? My question is soon answered. The boat starts to decrease in speed and I slowly lower towards the beach. The boat then comes to a complete stop and I plunge to the ground. My feet, followed by my butt, hit the soft, warm, golden sand. I have landed on the beach.

Everybody around me is getting on a black, brown or white horse, but not me. I spot a donkey and walk over to it. It is very energetic and does not want to be still. This is the animal that I want to ride up to the waterfall. I swing my leg across its body and get on top of it. I grab the ropes that are around its mouth and kick my feet into its side. The donkey has begun to move and I am excited, yet nervous at the same time. I have no idea how to get to this 60 foot waterfall that the tour guidance has told me about. The donkey heads towards an opening in the trees that leads to a dirt trial. I figure this is the way to the waterfall. The trial is very rough and I can tell that it has been made by horses and donkeys who have paved it with their feet. We cross over a small creek and the donkey and I get wet. I don’t mind though. The water on my body feels good and helps me cool down a little from the suns scorching heat. We are moving at a much faster rate then the rest of the horses are. We pass horses to the left and to the right. Cutting people off, there is no stopping me and my donkey. I see people walking the trial and it looks exhausting and tiring. Those people chose not to ride a horse probably because they are scared, but I’m not. The trial gets steep and I lean my whole body forward like the instructor had told me so in order to keep the donkey moving. And so I don’t fall off him. The trail then gets steep in the other direction and I have to lean my body back so the donkey does take off in a dead sprit down the trial. I’ve been on this trial for about 30 minutes and I am drenched in sweat. The sunny is beating on my back and neck and I’m dying of thirst. My legs are staring to cramp and my butt hurts from riding on the donkey’s bony back. The donkey starts to slow down and I can see a pond of water. I am almost there. We cross the pond of water and my ankles get wet. The water was deeper then I thought. After we cross it there are boulders in front of us and I wonder how the donkey is going to get over them. Without hesitation the donkey leads back and jumps onto the rock. Not preparing my self for the jump I almost fall right of the donkey and I lose control of him for a second. I regain control of him and prepare my self for the next boulder. As the donkey and I leap over the next boulder I can hear the crashing sound of waterfall hitting the huge body of water. The sound excites me and I can’t wait to reach it. I know I am close. We keep moving forward and I can start feeling mist from the waterfall. It hits me in the face and refreshes my body. I pull on the donkeys strings and order it to stop. I have so much energy in me that I throw my body off of the donkey and run up a hill that I believe leads to the water fall. Half way up it my thighs start to burn. My calf’s are tight and my breathing becomes heavy. Sweat is running down my face and into my eyes and it begins to sting. I wipe my eyes and keep progressing up the hill. My breathing is heavy as I approach the top of the hill, but that doesn’t stop me. I put my head down and pump my arms as hard as I can. I stop running and look up. I’ve made it.

I am standing at the end of the cruise boat and a man hands me some snorkeling gear. It consists of a snorkeling mask that has a neon green linning around the plastic and a breathing tube that is also neon green. I am also given some black flippers that will help me swim better in the ocean. I put on my flippers and my mask and attempt to jump off the cruise boat into the deep blue ocean. The man puts his arms around me and tells me that it is by law, required that all people who are snorkeling in the ocean to wear a life jacket. He hands me a bright orange life jacket. I put it on and jump into the ocean. The water is warm and there are hundreds of people around who are also snorkeling. I am having trouble swimming because there is a current pushing against me. I spot an area next to a rock where I want to go. I kick my feet and rotate my arms till I reach the rock. I look down and I see tons of orange fish that look like Nemo from the movie finding Nemo. I decide to take of my life jacket and go down into the water to get a better look at the fish. I take a deep breath and go under. I go under about 10 feet and see all kinds of colorful rocks, plants, and fish. There is a school of fish that swim right across me. I swim around a little more and then I freeze. A sting ray is approaching me and I don’t know what to do. I try to stay still and not move.The sting ray swims right underneath me and the top of its body skims the side of my body. Its body is cold and rough. I panic and swim to the top of the water as quick as I can. I reach the surface and let out a sigh of relieve.I put my life jacket back on and fasten it on tight. I look around and there is still people snorkeling. Hundreds of passengers on the boat are throwing bread into the water which attracts fish to the cruise boat. Hundreds of fish swim around the cruise boat in search of the food. I am exsated from swimming that I decide to float on my back and swim that way back to the cruise boat. I am only about 20 yards from the boat so I figure it shouldn’t take me long to get there. As I am floating on my back heading to the boat, I look up into the sky. There are puffy white clouds in the sky and the sun is bright and hot. I can see birds flying over me. There wings not flapping just staying still. They are glideing through the air like an paper airplane would. I sense that I am close to the boat and I turn myself around and start to perform the breast stroke. I am only a couple of yards from the boat now. I keep swimming till I reach the boat and a man helps me aboard it.

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