Hall of Fame

June 5, 2008
If I could have any key in the world I would want the key that unlocks the door to the MLB Hall of Fame and MLB records. I would want this key for numerous reasons. Like to keep out people like Barry Bonds, bring people who deserve in, and to kick out people who are in already in. I think I deserve this key because I have been following baseball since I was very young and cannot watch cheaters like Barry Bonds take sports most valued record and let his name be in the hall of fame and crumble baseball’s reputation.

First, why should people who cheat deserve to be invited to the Hall of Fame? If anybody even thought that Barry Bonds should be in there they’re mistaking. People who cheat their way to fame should not be considered legends. Barry Bonds cheated his way to fame by using steroids and also cheated his way to being crowned home run king. He took the title from a man who deserved it and there is nothing we can do about it. If I had the key to the MLB hall of fame and records I would definitely kick Bonds of the list and rename Hank Aaron the home run king.

The other thing I could do is with this key is to invite people who I think are worthy of the hall of fame but have not yet been inducted. I would also invite people who are still currently playing, into the hall of fame. I would not wait until the person is eighty years old and then tell him he had been inducted to the hall of fame. For people like Johan Santana who are hall of fame material but were on terrible teams I would still inducted because of their era, not just because of their wins to loss ratio. All in all I can safely say if I held the key to the MLB hall of fame and records I would save the crumpling reputation of baseball and save the game from being destroyed by people who think they can cheat.

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