Dear old friend

May 30, 2008
By Samantha Du, Randolph, MA

Dear Old Friend,

I was doing some Spring Cleaning today. Yes, I know it is the middle of winter… but what else is to do at home as the rest of the world outside is covered with quiet falling snow? Anyways, I opened up a storage box and found a CD. There was no title on it. I put the CD into my computer and found the only files on it—pictures.

There’s that picture from that time we went to Montreal remember? When we got lost in the city tunnels trying to find the plaza and we took those silly pictures in front of the blue glass? I laughed thinking of how many times we re-took those pictures.

Then there are the ones from the late night study sessions we had in our dorm? I saw the rows of pictures of the two of us making faces at the camera…pensive, angry, sad, and the ones of us laughing –you can tell because we’re barely in the photo, just the top of our heads because we were bent over with laughter. We thought we were so cool when we put our hoodies on and tried our best NOT to smile.

The last set made me smile. I think it was the first major snow of the semester and we went to “play in the snow” after dinner and before we went to study. I remember how we kept trying to take our Snow Pictures—throwing handfuls of snow in the air and taking the picture just as the snow falls around us. You can barely see our faces in those but we must have been having fun. And of course, our snow castle. I remember taking off my gloves and feeling my hands freeze as we built it. It was all worth it though wasn’t it? I still have that picture of you sitting next to our castle, putting on the finishing touches. I don’t have any pictures of us running and sliding in the snow though, which is probably a good thing. I bet people thought we were so weird. That was a good night though. I had never before had so much fun playing in the snow.

I wanted to add some pictures from the semester after onto that CD—just to keep all the pictures from the first year together, but turns out all the files on the CD are read-only and can’t be deleted. I can add more pictures though and those will replace the ones on the CD. I don’t think I will though.
I wonder what you’re doing right now, perhaps having another fun day playing in the snow? I would go out too but my gloves never fully recovered from that night last year. Maybe I’ll send you the CD. I think I was the one with the camera that semester so you probably don’t have these pictures anywhere. It’s nice sometimes…to reminisce.
Well I’ll see you around. Sorry I didn’t wave last time; I wanted to say hi but you walked away before I got the chance.
Next time we see each other if we’re both not busy, maybe we could go get some tea. I’m assuming that you still don’t like the taste of coffee.


Your freshmen yr first semester buddy

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