Grandpa's House

May 30, 2008
By Damion Thompson, Ettrick, WY

This weekend I went to my grandpa’s on Sunday, and my uncle and I went up in the woods and, were following the trails we have. We thought it would be perfect to fly up there with four-wheelers all over, even in our open field. After we were done in the woods, we started walking back, and my uncle spotted a little fawn sleeping. We were two feet away from it. I said, “It’s breathing. It got up and took off running. Later we found it again lying down, and I took some pictures of it, so I had proof. I tried to get closer, so I took another step. Then I was one foot away. Then it got up and ran away. We didn’t see her again. We are hoping that a coyote will not get her, and kill her. But I think she is still alive. That’s my story.

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