May 30, 2008
By Kaylynn Newhard, Russellville, AR

Every time I saw him in the hall, my heart fluttered a bit. Somehow I just never had the nerve to say a word. I remember the day when you came to school with you hair dyed black. I swore inside of myself that you were the most beautiful person I had ever seen. No one understood, why I had such interest in him. Yet, somehow I did. I knew that his eyes were green, except when he had them circled with black shadow, in which case they were blue. A shocking blue, at that. I knew that he loved sharpie markers, because his arms were covered in words I could never read. He had a favorite pair of red skinny jeans, and liked Elton John. He always had a book in hand. I wanted to know him, not just wish I did. But I just held it all in.

Now, two month later, I am sitting with the most beautiful person, inside and out. With hypnotic green eyes, we lay in the grass under a star leafed tree, discussing the world at large. His gentle hand held within mine, I cant believe I waited so long to let him know I was in love with him. So now, all I can say to him is "I love you, Ashton. Why did I wait so long to tell you?"

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