How I Got Sarah To Be My Imaginary Friend

May 30, 2008
By Rachel Hull, Grants Pass, OR

I was in the bathroom with my mom, who was going to the bathroom. I was sitting on a nearby chair looking at a magazine. I pointed to a picture of a girl doing a craft with her. I asked my mom what her name was and my mom said that her name was Sarah. After turning a few pages, I pointed to a picture of a boy with a lunchbox in his hand. I asked my mom what his name was and my mom said that his name was Johnny. And that’s how I got Sarah to be my imaginary friend. I think I was four years old then. No one made fun of me. Sarah often came over to my house. She also went with us on outings. She and I played together for hours. We played house, doctor, and school. When we played house, we took turns being the mom and the daughter. When we played doctor, we took turns being the doctor and the patient. When we played school, we took turns being the teacher and the student. It was just one friend at a time. I didn’t play with my other imaginary friends very much. We played jacks. Another game we played was cards. We also had a dream talk. She told me that she had a dream one night that she was playing on her patio when her cat walked up to her and after a couple of meows, she started talking to her. We also played tag and hide and seek. I pretended about Sarah until I was in eighth grade. I call her my “ex-imaginary friend” now. Sometimes, my mom or my dad will forget and tell me to ask Sarah. I tell them I don’t pretend about Sarah anymore. I had eighteen imaginary friends. Patty was one of them. Each of my imaginary friends had a different personality. They were the same age as me. As I got older, they got older, too. I watched an episode of Arthur once called DW’s Imaginary Friend. DW has an imaginary friend named Nadine.

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