Bluish-Green Pain

June 5, 2008
By Jeff Irvin, Hubbard, OR

The wind was blowing and trees swaying in the wind. The sun was covered by a thin layer of clouds in the spring air. I looked out of the tarps where we had the burn barrel and the stove we call the “bat box”. It wasn’t that warn out even though the sun was out most of the day. I walked forward for about twenty seconds and observed the creek that was low because it had not rained for a couple days.
I could see the stones I had tried to make a dam in the creek with. The stones stayed motionless as the water rippled off of them. I looked up the creek more and saw that sticks that were coming down from the mountains had got stuck on rocks protruding out of the creek. I could see the bark peeling off of the branches that had been there for some time.

Walking along the waterline of the creek I saw little spiders sun bathing and crawling away when I stepped by them. There was a stump in the creek’s delta that was surrounded by water. As I saw it I thought to myself and came up with skipping rocks. My brother came down to the creek to do something I’m not sure of then I went up into some trees and hid there till he walked past. I didn’t believe my camouflage worked. I picked up some pine cones and put them in my coat pocket and started towards my brother.

He was staring at the ground, probably at spiders, and I realized it was my chance so I went behind him and yelled at the top of my lungs so that it sounded like a medieval war cry. My brother jumped a bit and turned around and hit me on the arm. When I was done laughing I figured out he was heading towards camp so I took the pine cones out of my pocket and threw them at him and he ran.

I wondered around until I found a pit of rocks by the barrier separating the creek and reservoir. The pit was about 20 feet deep and looked really good for “rock rolling”. Rock rolling is a game we play where you simply roll rocks down hills and stuff like that. The pit was on a steep hill with a lot of boulders more than rocks. I found a rock on the edge of the pit and I sat on a rock before the boulder I was about to push and I set my hands down to get to be able to push a lot more. I used my feet and pushed till the boulder that was about as big as me fell. I watched it roll down the side of the pit walls and I heard the rock hit the bottom. Little rocks from under the boulder were rolling down the sides of the pit.

I sat there and thought of a good rock to roll, and it was a rock about three feet around and was kind of bluish-green color. I planted myself by it and pushed just like the first rock. When it hit, it cracked a bit and little shards from it flew around. There was a rock sticking up above some of the other rocks. It was a little bumpy and was almost like an oval. It had just about the same bluish-green color the rock before this one had. I felt around it trying to find a place to grab and lift but stopped feeling around for a second after a spider had crawled around my hand. I blew it off.

I felt around again finding a place after a couple seconds. I tried to lift it. Fortunately it was too heavy for me to tilt up. I put my left hand down on a rock under the one I was trying to lift and used my right hand to grab the rock. I started to pull, my arm was getting tired after about 10 seconds and I put the rock down. Thinking to myself, I’m going to lift this rock if it takes all day. I set my left hand closer to the rock this time. I started to push with my left hand and pull with my right. My arms started to get tired. I put my left hand under the rock to try lifting with both hands but, I couldn’t so I put my left hand back down under the rock. Still trying with my right hand I pulled and pulled, but didn’t make much progress and my grip loosened and the rock slipped out of my hand and fell. It was followed by a loud yell.

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