Tomato Fight

October 19, 2012
By Anonymous

One night after school, Matt, my strange but cute boyfriend, came over to hang out and have dinner with my family. My mom was too tired that night to cook, so her and my step mom ordered a family size taco pizza from Abby’s. Matt and I were in my room, lying on my bed, watching Family Guy, when I heard the door bell ring. The smell of greasy tacos engulfed the house as my mom paid the delivery guy and then brought the pizza and spuds into the kitchen.
My room is right next to the kitchen. I mean, you can walk into the kitchen and see that my so called door is connected to the kitchen. I looked up at Matt and said, with a serious look, “Pizza’s here, and if you want to actually eat, we should get up and get some pizza before Josh gets in the kitchen.” (If you couldn’t already tell, Josh is my older brother.)

I jumped up and got in the kitchen before he did, but he came in a few seconds later. I grabbed a plate from where they were sitting on the counter and rushed over to the pizza box. I took a second to see which pieces looked the best, and then I picked up the three that I felt were optimum. I noticed that on the other counter there was a Styrofoam to-go container filled with cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, and red tomato slices. I scurried over to it and starting putting on a bunch of cheese (I love cheese) and a tiny bit of lettuce on my pieces of pizza. As Matt was walking up behind me, he asked, “Why don’t you have tomatoes on yours?”
Turning to looking at him, I said, “Because I don’t like them.”
“Have you ever tried them?” He started putting on the cheese, lettuce and tomatoes.
Giving him an odd, guilty look, I slowly said, “…No…”
He grabbed one of the slices from the container and looked at me. “Here, try one.”
I looked at it, then back up in his eyes. His eyes made me want to melt because they were a lighter blue than a clear sky. I had to turn and look at something else before I caved and tried it. I really didn’t want to try it, I was hungry and just wanted to go sit on my bed and eat, but he wouldn’t stop staring me down. I finally took the tomato from him, gave him a “ha, you’re funny” grin, dropped it on his plate, then turned and walked into my room. I know I could’ve been a little nicer about it, but he’s a turd and we always mess with each other like that. I sat down on the edge of my bed and started watching Family Guy again. Matt came in soon after and sat next to me.
“Why won’t you just try one?” He was trying to annoy me enough so I would give in and just try one, I knew what he was trying to do, but I wasn’t going to let it work.
“’Cause I don’t wanna!” I gave him a dirty look.
We kept bickering about it for a while, but he finally left me alone and we went on eating in silence. As usual, I was done eating before he was. I put my licked clean plate on the corner of my bed closest to the kitchen and laid down on the bed again. Once Matt was done eating, he grabbed my plate and took it into the kitchen with his. I wasn’t expecting him to or anything, I would have gotten it sooner or later, but I still thought it was sweet.
He came back into the room, smiling at me. Right after I smiled back, I saw what he had in his hand and my smile turned into a scowl. I know now why he decided to take my plate into the kitchen for me. He grabbed another tomato slice from the to-go container while he was in the kitchen and was thinking I would try it since he took my plate for me. He was sadly mistaken.
“Come on, just try it!” He gave me the “Pretty Please” look.
I gave him a snotty look and said, “Ha, you’re funny…”
“Please! For me.” He was trying to be cute.
I shook my head no and started to hide my face in my blanket. I felt the fuzziness of the blanket get tugged away from my face, only to find Matt hovering over the top of me with the tomato slice. He tried putting it in my mouth, but I hid my face in my hands and rolled over on my stomach. He rolled me back over onto my back. I struggled to stay on my stomach, but he’s stronger than I am. The tomato slice was inches away from my lips. Matt had ahold of my hands to keep them from covering my mouth. Then I sat straight up and crawled my way over to the other side of the bed. He grabbed a hold of me and pulled me back to where I was in the first place. It was an ongoing battle of me trying to get away from him, and him pulling me back with his strong arms. He would occasionally tickle me once he had me next to him again. I put up a fight, don’t think I didn’t, but I wasn’t expecting him to be that much stronger than me. After wrestling for about five minutes, I finally gave up struggling with him and let him pin me down.
“Are you gonna try it now?” he asked. You could tell he was winded from wrestling with me. I felt somewhat accomplished.
“You gonna leave me alone about it if I do?” I tried catching my breath and to stop giggling.
“Yes,” he said.
“You promise?” I was giving him an odd look to see his reaction.
He rolled his eyes, “I promise.”
I knew he would roll his eyes so, smiling, I said, “Then get off me.”
Matt weaseled his way off me, and the bed, then handed me the tomato slice. I looked at it with my nostrils flared, eyes squinted, and lips squished together. I only made that face to make Matt laugh, but it didn’t work. The tomato slice looked disgusting. The seed part was gooey and squishy. It looked like it was about to slide out of the somewhat soft, red part. I wanted to throw it somewhere, just to get it out of my hand. I slowly started to inch the tomato slice towards my mouth. As soon as it touched my tongue, I wanted to spit it out and go rinse my mouth out with soap. It was so slippery and slimy. Matt had seen my reaction to its taste and had pinned me down again; he knew I was going to get up to spit it out.
“Swallow it and I’ll let you up.” He started to laugh because I was struggling to get him off me.
I gave him the dirtiest look I could, but he wouldn’t budge. I eventually swallowed the chewy, slimy tomato. Matt made me open my mouth so he could check that I had swallowed it and he let me up. As soon as I got up, I grabbed his Dr. Pepper and chugged it until it was gone. My nostrils stung from the soda, but I didn’t care at that point. I will never eat a tomato again. I will fight it out the next time Matt, or anyone else, tries to get me to do, or eat, something that I don’t want to.

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