"goodnight my love"

October 22, 2012

“Goodnight My Love”
Written by Alec Vanderkooi

Chandler approached his door, opening it to poke his head out for any sign of his mother. “No sign of her.” He said to himself. He closes his room door and walks across to his window opening it. Making no sound, Chandler gets out of his house undetected. He pulls his phone out of his hoodie.

(Chandler) “So what are you doing honey?” sent 10:21 pm
Chandler begins to walk out of his neighborhood.

(Terra) “Homework” received10: 28 pm

(Chandler) “Fun, what are you working on?” sent 10:29 pm
Chandler thinks about how much he loves Terra, but “why is she doing homework this late”.

(Terra) “Math” received 10:37 pm

(Chandler) “Well I miss you love, I feel like we never get to see each other” sent 10:37 pm
“I should cut through the park it will save me about ten minutes” Chandler than turns up Liberty Road towards the catwalk that leads into the park.

(Terra) “Yeah?” received 10:49 pm
He is getting a little worried all the time recently; but she is taking a long time to send a message back to him.
(Chandler) “You make up excuses now lately, and is always either “I’m busy”, or “I can’t hang out”, or “I’m not ready so no”, and all I want to do is see you” sent 10:51 pm

(Terra) “And what about it” received 11:05 pm

(Chandler) “The thing about it is, I am always willing and wanting to see you, not matter if you’re ready or not because I don’t care about that. I just care about being with you” sent 11:06 pm
He opens the gate to the backyard.

(Terra) “I’m sorry, what are you doing?” received 11:09 pm
Chandler thinks of his and terra’s first interaction at school about 3 years ago. He remembers almost every detail about her and the first time he laid eyes on her. “Her deep blue eyes, and her long natural dark brown hair.” He knew from that moment that love was standing right in front of him. “Also her beautiful rosy cheeks getting squeezed towards her face as she smiled.” He sat there not having anything to say to her but… “I think this is yours.” She smiled at him and grabbed the once fallen book out of his hands and then picked up the rest of her stuff. He bent down willingly to pick her stuff up, but couldn’t help himself from starring into her eyes, when she looked up to find him starring into her eyes she smiled big and said “what” than brushed a piece of hair that was in her face behind her left ear. “Oh nothing just…you’re so beautiful.” She blushed and gave him a kiss on his cheek and walked away. He paused there for just a moment blushing as well and holding the cheek that was kissed. “Hey wait” Terra turns around with her blushing squeezed up cheeks. “What’s your name?” Chandler yelled trying to get his voice across to her at the end of the hallway. She screamed back and said. “It’s Terra.”

Chandler was thinking of all the moments they had together, but one particular moment came to his mind. “Happy birthday Chandler” Terra says. “Thanks” when chandler said that terra knew he was upset about something. He had just gotten out of a relationship, on his birthday, the girl told chandler she was leaving and moving away so they both decided it would be best if they just separate. That whole night chandler was upset. Terra seemed to be the only one he would talk to. “I’m sorry chandler”, she gave him a hug, and as she pulled away from the hug chandler held onto her hands. This gave terra a sense of him needing her. “What am I going to do?” Chandler said as terra looked at him. “What can I do?” Chandler can only look away letting go of her hands. Starting to walk away to be by himself. Terra grabs him and begs him to stay with her, “terra let me go.” “No Chandler, I will never let you go, you don’t know this and I know right now probably isn’t the right time to say it; but I like you, actually I more than just like, I love you, with all of my heart I have loved you from the very start.” Chandler looks into her eyes. “I have loved you since the day you and I first met. That’s why I kissed your cheek, and have been too shy until now to tell you.”

Chandler turns around and starts to walk back home. He holds his head down and try’s to catch the crumbling pieces to his now broken heart. He then gets a call from terra and she asks, “Did you get my message?” “Yeah I did” she said in a quiet slow voice. “Well what are you doing?” “I’m walking home” again he said it quiet and slow. “From where?” she asks curiously. “From your house” “wait what” she asks really nervously. “I saw you and him.” Than Chandler hangs up the phone, thinks of Terra one last time. “Goodnight my love”

The author's comments:
its a dream i have often, different names though :)

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