The X-Box 720 and PS4 aren’t coming out any time soon!

October 19, 2012
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All this nonsense about the new 720 and PS4 are fake. Gullible idiots like some actually believe in this rubbish. The photos are clearly Photoshop edited and the likeness is just stupid. There is also not a X-box seven twenty. Some stooge just made the whole rumor up! Also in addition to it being fake is that they have not been confirmed by E3 or other sources. People seem to be very dumb in these situations. Although they sound realistic and have good background info, it’s all a lie. But I’m not saying that there isn’t going to be a PS4 or a Xbox 720. I’m just explaining that Photoshop pictures and fake release dates won’t fool me and definitely shouldn’t fool you. But in all, I doubt that PlayStation and Xbox companies haven’t died out just yet. I think that the PS and the Xbox are very successful gaming stations, but come on 720? Really? Come on guys. But PS4 might possibly be an accurate name due to the other numbered sequels.
I am not the one to go against anyone’s words but a 720 and a PS4? Not very convincing for an individual such as myself. Some rumors in gaming history such as Sheng Long from the Street Fighter series and Pokémon Creepy Black are just a couple popular gaming mythos from games that weren’t real. These 720 and PS4 rumors are also disappointing to those who are very dumb to believe anything. But overall this person who created these myths simply wants to trick many kids or gamers into thinking these were real, which is pretty fun at first but it never ends too well. So I’m just going to say that the ps4 is FAKE! and Xbox 720 is FAKE! And to all to stop being so gullible, PLEASE! Although some gaming rumors came to be(such as Ermac and Skarlett from the Mortal Kombat series). This is another FAKE from some geek that wanted publicity.

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