Ocean Warriors

October 11, 2012
By JamieLea SILVER, Wallace, North Carolina
JamieLea SILVER, Wallace, North Carolina
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"I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity". -Edgar Allan Poe

There was an ocean once, a very interesting and mysterious ocean. It's depth was far beyond human or inhuman calculation, and it's existence couldn't be understood. It was colored a deep blue, and if you looked close enough, you would see tints of yellow below the surface. When the wind blew across the tops of the ocean, you could smell the sweet and almost tangy smell of it. Most oceans are very salty, but this one was like candy.
At first, it appeared to be harmless, something like heaven. But it was treacherous more than often. The ocean water was acidic, rating above a 10 on the ph scale. This is why nothing could live in it. It's shores were a mixture of hard clay and dry soil. The colors of the shores ranged from orange to pink, green to blue, and even silver to gold. The shores weren't as dangerous as the ocean itself; they were the safest place you could be. They were soft, but firm. They would shine and twinkle like a million precious and rare diamonds when the all powerful sun shone upon them. The ocean emitted an energy that made one stop dead in his tracks and just question everything in his existence. The energy made you think, and sometimes if you thought hard enough, you would be thrust into a state of slight sadness. The ocean would make you feel worthless and hideous at times, because it was far too perfect. It was beautiful in an ugly world, and no one knew why. Foes never tried to fight it, and no storm or natural disaster ever created could shake it's perfection. It was indestructable completely, and seemed to grow more beautiful every day. It was viewed as holy, wise, and a place of thought and recollection. Many would come to the ocean shores to gaze at it's exponential beauty, and some would even sleep on it's shores just to feel it's life and hear it's voice. You could indeed hear it's voice if you listened hard enough, and the sound was powerful enough to make the most stoical's face shrink and grow pink with emotion. It's voice was like a baby's cry of joy, a mother's coo of love and comfort, a breeze on a hot summer day, a monsoon on a cracked desert floor, or the smell of a rose in a smoke filled world. It consumed your mind, and you would never be able to forget it.
This ocean sometimes grew dark, and it's waves would beat the shores and eventually steal all color from everything around it. The color would sink to the bottom of the ocean, and wouldn't return for sometimes several days. The ocean would splash it's acidic waters onto everything close to it, once killing an innocent bystander. The loyal worshippers and visitors of this ocean would sit at a distance and watch in horror and sorrow as the ocean would ravage itself and grow darker by the minute. It was angry, raged, and very, very sad. The tips of the waves turned black, and tints of red would show every once in a while. The worshippers would wait for days for the ocean to calm and turn back into it's beautiful self, and they would even feed it rare, theraputic, and gorgeous flowers from the nearby jungle to attempt to pacify the ocean. The followers would have large bonfires a few good yards from the ocean and sing praise just to try and make the ocean happy and healthy again. Nothing lasts forever, so after a long few days, the ocean would slowly turn back to it's normal color and would slowly calm it's insane waves. No one was quite sure as to why the ocean would behave in such a catastrophic way, but the only thing anyone could do was try to make it beautiful and perfect again. After the calming process was completed, the followers would dig holes into the shores for fire-pits and throw as many flowers, herbs, and even animal sacrifices into the pit as they could. They would then pile logs and tree limbs into the pit and light them. The fire was of a very large size, almost 5 acres wide and about 10 yards deep. These parties would take place at night, and the followers would feast, dance, praise, and sing to the ocean while circling around the fire. Petals of roses would be set adrift into the ocean on tree sap covered wood floats, and they would last about 5 minutes before the ocean dissolved them with it's acidic saliva.

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