A Vain Speech

October 11, 2012
By Mosickle BRONZE, WP, Colorado
Mosickle BRONZE, WP, Colorado
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A Vain Speech

Looking at the biggest problem since the great depression, we all have none in store but a gloomy end. People themselves don’t and never will accept the fact, but we all live very selfish, vain lives. If one looks at themselves in the mirror – which proves my point – they will see nothing other than themselves. Doing this makes us worried about how we look, what to wear, what new products to buy, etcetera. I myself am I victim of this, as is everyone. The fad of the newest, shiniest self-image needs to stop, and we are already in the wrong direction.

Since we’re always on the television or YouTube here is a great example. Countless times have we all seen ads for the “latest and greatest” tables, computers, smart phones, and TVs, all “geared around you” . My mind is boggled of how many hours we sit becoming mush while soaking in those ads. Thankfully people do not have the money to buy every product they see in an advertisement, and hopefully we don’t want to. There is no worse road than the one we’re on, and the way out of rock bottom is up. On the bright side, there is only one thing that will happen if this problem doesn’t get fixed.

Nothing. Absolutely nothing will happen if this problem isn’t fixed. Nothing worse can be seen than having a reflective surface with us, a camera on anything with a motherboard, and a Facebook profile to “post” all 600 pictures of only oneself…. from the weekend. So what’s the point of trying to fix it? This may seem like some old grandmother’s point of view, but just to realize that life surprisingly does not revolve itself around you. We can only start by stopping.

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