The Lost Hero

October 10, 2012
By capicorn BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
capicorn BRONZE, White Heath, Illinois
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Rick Riordian

Make way for the new kids, Percy Jackson fans. Rick Riordian has come outwith a whole new series, the heroes of Olympus. Book 1 the lost hero is the book I will be talking about today. In this science fiction novel Jason, Piper, and Leo are set on an impossible quest that will unleash Hera's range! Doesn’t sound to pleasant, does it? Here is some background information that you should probably know about the characters. Jason is as loyal as a person can be and is born a leader being a son of Zeus, or is he? (no wonder Hera's range will be unleashed.) Piper is shy and tries to keep to herself and has a famous movie star as a farther and is a daughter of Aphrodite. (no wonder she is shy and quiet.) Leo is a son of Hephaestus cant sit still and loves to tell jokes, he also has a hot secret. Jason knows who Hera is being the son of Zeus,Piper on the other hand has not meet her but has read about her. Leo can beat both of that he was babysat by Hera! Scary right!? Now more about the book and its awesomeness. OK what is a good 2nd series without old characters? That’s right Percy and his posse are back in business! The story takes place during the winter when the gods are at their weakest. A whole lot of new enemies are rising and important people start to disappear. Is this the work of the gods or another powerful force? Sounds good, no? Now if you read this book you're going to love these books, the Red Pyramid, the Throne Of Fire, the Serpents Shadow and the squeal to the Lost Hero, the Son Of Neptune. To sum it up if you are guessing whether you should read the Lost Hero, take it from me a Percy Jackson fan myself, read it. It will change your life.

Reviewed by Gabby Altan

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