October 10, 2012
By Gracegunawans BRONZE, Malang, Other
Gracegunawans BRONZE, Malang, Other
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Do you ever know people who cannot maintain their properties that they have? Do you think that people like that could have the ability to maintain others? No, we should start from ourselves. The abilities to maintain everything is called the sustainability. Sustainability is needed in every part on our live: business, studies, societies and other things.
I make the two separations between the sustainability between each other and the environment. The sustainability between human, is when we can adapt with the new culture and problems in them. The culture in my country, Indonesia, we have many different cultures, traditional languages, foods, and religions. The island of Java, the most populated island, people live with other person form other region of Indonesia. One thing that I interesting with is about the traditional language. The traditional language is sometimes makes me confused, because they mixed it with Indonesian. Later, I found that was an interesting thing that we can know other languages. Sometimes, I realized that there are conflicts between because of the race difference.
Sometimes some people in certain races think that they are higher than the other. A group of people sometimes don’t want to eat the foods that are made by certain races that they hate. Sometimes more brutal deeds were done by certain races, usually outside the island of Java, that they had war between tribes or villages. Many victims and tolls were dead, police and soldier tried to make the condition better and by making a discussion with them. Find the problem and solution together, but sometimes, this war was still going on for 2 days.
We know that these problems are still going on these world, but I believe we can do it together by appreciate other thinking and race. The main point is changing our thinking or point of view of other people. It will take long time to changing it, but we should support anyone who wanted to change to be better. Each of us have a responsibility to make the world better, to have environment sustainability, we should work together. Without unity among us, we cannot reach our goals. If we think that we have problem with certain person, we should talk to them directly and in a good manner and said what we don’t like about his or her behavior. This is maybe simple but really helps us and fixes our relationship with others.
The sustainability with environment is when we can use the natural resources to fulfill our daily need well. How to use it well? We should used the renewable energy well too, and never waster it even just a second. Like the electricity and water for example. Still many village and countries in some region outside the island of Java that still don’t have any electricity; they usually used torch, oil lamp and other things for light. In the other hand, to make the movement of turbine become electrical power is using heat, gasoline or something like that. We get that energy from the un-renewable source so we still depend on the un-renewable one. We should save the energy, even though we have pay for it. If we keep using that energy unwisely someday that source from energy is gone and we cannot do the same way as we do it right now. We should search for other source for energy.
It is our responsibility to built that make those two kind of sustainability happened in our life, so we can be example for others in our generation our decedents. We should give them the knowledge and why should we do it. We should also decided and dare to tell people whether their deed was right or not, therefore they won’t do it again. We shouldn’t hesitate to tell what is wrong and right although it was our best friend that we have. The other person won’t do it, if don’t do it first! Be example, we should do it with passion! That’s the important think that if we didn’t do it with our passion, we will easily give up and don’t want to do it anymore.
We should appreciate every race, community, personality, culture, belief, and person. If we think something doesn’t do it in the right way, we should give them advise to make them a better person, and don’t talk behind his or her back. Never hate them because of their race, because we believe that every person was created the same and with special purposed. We also cannot be other people, because we have our own faith and our own tasks to be done. Therefore, we don’t have any right to underestimate them. We should tolerate things that we don’t like about them.
The sustainability with environment still the biggest problem that I overcome these days, because still not many of my family members participate in making our family compost for reducing the amount of the organic trash in the city. Sometimes, I had to take some organic trash by my own hand and put it in a pot for making compost. In my city the trash can had been divided, for ‘dry’ garbage, and ‘biodegradable’ garbage. I think it was the first step that had been took by our mayor, but sometimes people don’t obey that simple rule. I take a conclusion that we should make them realized how important is it to make our own compost and why we should separate the dry and biodegradable trash the trash cans. Reminding people again, so they will be inspired to do good things too, so our problem will be solved if we solved it together.
I realized that these problems cannot be done by money ‘only’, but our participation to make two kinds of sustainability work together. We should also pray t for these. It is our responsibility to support lives, new generation, ecology, and our relationship with other to make our world better. I really hope that we can do it together as a team. WITHOUT YOU WE CAN’T.

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