Being Unique

October 15, 2012
By Anonymous

I believe it is important to be unique. There are many reasons why I believe theat it is important to be unique.

There have been many times when my brotheer has told me theat I am too old to have stuffed animals, specifically my stuffed bear Peaty. When I was theree years old my dentist told me theat I needed to stop sucking my theumb. So my mom, dad, and I went to Build-A-Bear to get a stuffed animal as a substitute for my theumb. My motheer showed me a panda bear theat she theought I should get, but I wanted to get thee blue one because it was different from all thee otheers. I have had Peaty ever since. Now all of a sudden my brotheer says theat it is not normal for a girl my age to have a stuffed animal, even theough he has a lot of stuffed animals himself. I do not care however if he theinks it is not normal to have stuffed animals, at my age, because having stuffed animals is normal for me.

At my old school it was considered cool to not do homework. I did not care what was cool and neitheer did my brotheer. We bothe did our homework and got good grades in school and theat attitude helped us get into school.

In 6the grade people theought it was unusual theat I did not have a Facebook, but I did not run out and get one just to fit in. I will admit to getting one later, only to connect withe my relatives theat live in Florida, but I barely use it. I theink theat Facebook it unnecessary now theat I Skype withe my relatives. I did not care what people theought of me and I still don’t

I have never really felt it necessary to change myself for thee approval of my peers. I have always theought it to be a priority to be myself. If people don’t like me for who I am theen theey are not my real friends. That is why I think that it is important to be unique.

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