The Food Chain, Part 1

October 2, 2012
By Anonymous

Bubble gum popping against perfectly glossed lips, laughter poisoning those whom she loves. Words, so tempting and vile; she smiles to nobody at her cleverness. The boys swoon at her confidence, or—pride. A girl asks to sit next to me, but I’m too lost in wonder at her. I guess we all want to live that perfect moment when the people crowd around to hear your ridiculous jokes and fake flirtation. Although, there’s also some joy in being a misfit—nah, I guess not, but you can always be grateful for what you have as long as you aren’t the bottom of the food chain. So there is part 1, the top or for lack of better word, highest rank in the food chain.

The author's comments:
The basic five ranks of the food chain, chapter one, thanks.

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