Dare you be Yourself

October 2, 2012
By jose1232 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
jose1232 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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Why is it that everyone tells you how to dress to what type of music you listen to? You see in our society we are forced to conform to the in crowd. It makes me sick to think that people are mistreated just for being different. I’m sick and tired of people killing themselves because they are made fun of for being gay or just being different. People don't understand the effects of words. Words are swords cutting through a person soul. People are scared of being themselves. People are being killed for being themselves so should we rely be yourself. Now that’s up to you to decide.
Can someone please explain to me why we must conform to the in crowd? What happened to a person has the right to be who they are? We are not a communist country and still we act like it. You see by the way we act in our society we must have the latest shoes or electronics. You can’t dress to express yourself because you will be labeled. People put a big emphasis on labeling someone. For example if a girl shows too much cleavage people call her a s***. This is so wrong who are you to judge someone else by the way they look.
You see in this case the girl must likely feels like she has to dress that way just to get a guy’s attention. But our society is teaching young women to show more cleavage and wear shorter shorts. But why can’t a guy like a girl for who they are. Young women respect yourself for you have value. You are beautiful for who you are don’t be what everyone else does be yourself. Don’t let your worth be based on what others think. Just love yourself for you.
The media and schools are also putting so much emphasis on being thin that girls are going to anorexia to bulimia and yes guys do suffer from eating disorders. Our society is putting too much emphasis on being thin. But why can’t someone be happy for the insides. I do know that their need to be a physical connection to but having an emotional connection is stronger than sexual desire. You see how you can call someone your girlfriend if all you want to do with them is sleep with them this goes for the men.
A true relationship is not just sex but it is more than that it having a deep connection with someone love that in unconditional. Love is not you let me have sex with you I will love you. No someone who loves someone can wait. So men and women don’t give it up so easily. You are only setting your heart for heart break. But answer this one question why is appearance so important?
But now for the final aspect being yourself. Shall you go against the current? But wait we can’t without being harassed. Why can’t people be just who they are and not have to worry about getting pushed into lockers? Or the worst case someone using you just for sex. What I mean by this is basically someone pretends to be gay and convinces you to let them have sex with you. All these things cause young adults depression and even suicide. I hate people who have played a factor in someone’s death cause someone’s life has worth. You who bully are taking someone from their family who loves them. Now cause of you the parents of that child that is now 6 feet under is devastated. So every time they go into their child’s room they see the reminders of who he was.
Just think about how you would feel if you family member did the same thing cause they were gay. And you were super close to them. Just think about that when you are about to harass a student for the basic fact that a person life is worth more than all the tangible valuables like gold and diamonds. We as a community need to be able to accept people for who they are. It saddens me when I hear on the news that someone is beaten down for being gay.
People have the right to be themselves. You don’t have to agree with their life style but don’t go spreading rumors and touchier them. For if they commit suicide it’s you and your friends fault. Do you want that blood on your hand? Respect is one of those things that are lacking in our society. All I am saying is that people are trying to feel accepted so that’s why they try to conform to the in-crowd. You as a person need to be yourself for there are only one of you. But most of all if you are feeling suicidal it does get better. Don’t let those people force you to take your life.

The author's comments:
What inspired me to wright this article was because I felt like an outcast till one day I realized that I'm amazing for who i am not what I'm suppose to be

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on Oct. 20 2012 at 7:26 pm
jose1232 BRONZE, Chicago, Illinois
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thanks i enjoyed your story   

E.T.Wotruba said...
on Oct. 20 2012 at 7:22 pm
E.T.Wotruba, Oconomowoc, Wisconsin
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