Clark-Atlanta College Review

October 4, 2012
By Ashley Jones BRONZE, Jamestown, North Carolina
Ashley Jones BRONZE, Jamestown, North Carolina
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It was a rainy Monday afternoon when we stopped and visited Clark-Atlanta University. Although it was pouring down rain, the campus was beautiful. All the buildings looked new, refurbished and well taken care of. We only visited the auditorium, where we got information about the college that made me more enticed. The ambassadors that presented the information were very down to earth, gave solid information, and kept us entertained while we waited for the rain to stop. I liked the fact that they had different activities, programs, and a good selection of majors that interested me. Clark-Atlanta is very close to Spelman College for Women and Morehouse for Men, which I liked because if Clark doesn't have a particular class or major that you want, then you can cross-register and take that class and still attend Clark-Atlanta. This college gave me good vibes and the people on campus seemed to be positive and have a positive outlook and mood. It was the type of atmosphere that I was searching for in every college that we visited and it was the only college to do so. I stopped at the Clark-Atlanta College booth at the college fair that we went to on Saturday, and it caught my eye and made me want to read more into the school and what it has to offer. Walking on campus was confirmation that Clark-Atlanta was where I wanted to spend my college career.

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