The Experience of a sold out show!

July 8, 2008
I can still remember five months ago sitting on the floor next to my mom sitting at the computer on Ticketmaster. Forty five minutes later its noon the time the Jonas brother’s concert went on sale. One minute later I was up jumping and screaming with excitement. I couldn’t believe that my mom had just got tickets to one of the biggest concerts at summer fest and the world. My mom bought four tickets but there were only two of us. What to do with two other tickets?? My mom decided since she also had an obsession of the Jonas brothers we would take my aunt and my cousin. The phone rang at the other end and when my aunt picked up should also couldn’t believe we were actually going.

…. Five months later the day had come. It was the last day of summer fest and also the day for the concert. I could barley stand it. I woke up at the crack of dawn and rushed to prep myself. The only thing running in my head was the night I would never forget. It was the first real concert I have ever been to. The only problem was we were going to summer fest for the whole day and I could wait that long.

We were on the bus all hyper and prepared for the night ahead. I couldn’t wait to step into the gate. Time was thankfully flying bye. When we got close to the Marcus Amphitheater it really hit me that we were seeing the Jonas brother live in person! We already had out tickets so we started walking by the gates but when we got there I think everybody had the same idea. But everything was running a little behind schedule.

When we finally sat down rushes and rushes of people came in screaming, running, and jumping. I stomach was already turned by this point. The lights started dimming. The crowd started to scream. The Jonas brothers were get lifted up and making there grand entrance. I knew I was going to have a good time. The quickly introduced there self and got the show on the road.

I was screaming at the top of my lungs. When they started singing one of there most well known songs I started jumping up and down singing as loud as I could. The crowd was huge. My dream had finally come true I was seeing the Jonas brothers in concert.

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