A day in the life

May 29, 2008
By Jesse Fischbach, Olmsted Township, OH

A day in the life
As I sit and think
Waiting and wondering what its like.
To be doing 200 down the back straight of Indy
Or dodging the crashes at Talladega.
I wonder what its like to live in the life of a driver.
Easy you say? Just sitting maybe?
Or is it the 10 pounds of sweat that just screams different.
The 5 g’s on your body feeling like 600 pounds.
Or maybe it’s the fear of hitting the wall because you lost a tire
I wonder what its like.
To go in for a pit stop where every tenth of a second counts
Your heart beating as a second feels like a lifetime
And you pull out wondering if you had a fast pit time.
You come out in third.
The green flag drops and you’re off again.
2 laps to go and the leader is right ahead
You take the lead and win by a foot
I wonder what its like
To hear the crowd cheer for me as I get out of the car
All your fans your followers await you.
Your teammates excited.
Now its time to pack up
Head home back to life
200 mile drive
I wonder what its like.

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