Succeeding in the Music Industry

May 22, 2008
By Jordan Tumlin, McDonough, GA

It seems today that the world is oversaturated with individuals who want to establish themselves in the music industry. There are endless numbers of bands being formed or other individuals working each day to make it big, each with their own form of musical talent. From Rap to Rock, Pop to Blues, all different types of music are being produced daily, including the good and the bad. For those who wish to actually go somewhere with their music, they must exceed those around them.
To do this, you must first become acquainted with your capabilities and seek self improvement. What that means is know your aptitude, know your flaws, and improve upon them. It is good to receive feedback from everyone, but the best feedback is the constructive criticism from people who know what they are talking about. As seen in our music industry’s history, you do not have to be the best band to hit the top charts. Many songs today may be catchy, but they lack talent, even though they still may be one of the most popular songs on the charts at one point or another. For those who wish to produce one hit wonders, they may do as they wish, but they will only be remembered for that. In order to be remembered for your full musical potential, however, you must create music that has substance and that people can relate to.
To become successful in the music industry, you must be a creative artist, doing what you want to do in life by sharing your music with those who will listen, and if you have the ability to retain your own sound and style, then this will better your chances of success in the long run. Although going against the flow maybe extremely difficult at times, conventional styles and music die while original talent and music does not. It is always good to remember that there are probably an infinite number of people around the world doing the same thing you are. There is no shortage of home studios turning out music. The trick is to stand out as being different from the rest while achieving a standard that is professional.
The fact is, in order to “make it big,” you must become a musician with passion and belief, but you must also accept that the chance of major success through a record deal is virtually impossible. Understand that you must listen with open ears to what you do, learn to be critical of your music, and make constructive criticism your closest ally through people whose opinion you value and trust. Finally, when you think of how hard however it is going to be to have any measure of success, realize that it will be even harder.

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