October 5, 2012
By Anonymous

When you hear the word “Transgender” you never think of the many reasons why people become that lifestyle. You always think of how that is destroying the person’s life. Well, let me tell you something… the only ones destroying that life is the people who discriminate against them. I know, because I have been through it myself.
I was a senior when I stopped masking that I was a man born in a woman’s body. The day after I told people at school that I could trust, I got a death threat letter in my locker. And that was how my parents found out about it. I can tell you right now, it’s not easy trying to fit in if you know that you never will. I wanted to be straight and be a woman, because deep down I felt like a freak. It was not until I listened to Lady Gaga’s Born this Way song millions of times and wear the bracelet that says lady gaga born this way on it that I accepted myself and accepted the others of my community.
I try not to hate people, so I try appreciating them as individuals that need love and comfort. I think the main reason people don’t accept the LGBT community is because they don’t accept themselves in a way. Or they may hate change, may have narrow minds that don’t see outside a religion or upbringing, or may think it ruins the “SANCTITY OF MARRIAGE”.
If it really destroys the sanctity of marriage, don’t you think it would have been destroyed a long time ago? I mean, look at divorce rates between heterosexual couples and rates of heterosexual couples never marrying. It doesn’t make sense.

Just make sure you think of how your words may hurt other people before you say it.

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