How To Dress Yourself

October 6, 2012
Before you strut your stuff in the halls, you need the perfect outfit. We’ll assume that you have no idea how to dress yourself in the morning and that you’re completely inept when it comes to matching, creativity and style. Like all good things, being able to dress yourself in an appropriate and fashionable manner takes time and practice.

It’s a bird, No it’s a plane, No it’s a full moon. Try on a pair of pants and make sure they fit. When I say fit I don’t mean pants that you can barely pull up, I mean pants that you are actually comfortable in. Example: try the toe touch test. If you can go all the way down and touch your toes without your backside hanging out, you’re set and ready to go. Guys make sure you wear a belt. Having to pull your pants up and flashing your boxers is just not cute. Remember the number one rule to wearing pants is the only crack people need to see are the ones in the sidewalk.

Everybody likes nice and fresh things. Just Imagine jumping into a freshly made bed with warm sheets wrapped around you. When it comes to personal hygiene clean clothes are a must. Put your dirty clothes in the hamper every night. Even if you didn’t do much today and make up some excuse to why you are wearing the same shirt two days in a row. Example: I didn’t sweat or anything and they don’t smell so I’ll just put it on again. You have to change your clothes every day in order to feel and look your best.

Have you ever had a girl lean over your desk and her business was hanging out of her shirt. You try to look wait but those monsters are all up in your face, trying to slip out of her low cut or V-neck top. Ladies, when you wear a low cut or V-neck top make sure you layer with a camisole or tank top. You’ll be more secure and not have to worry about adjusting yourself every five seconds. Plus guys won’t stare at you. Example: The creepy guy who sits in the back of the classroom who stares at you with his mouth open and breathes heavy.

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