Bristol Ave

September 26, 2012
By Anonymous

As I make the turn on Bristol Ave. The painted picture of a perfect neighborhood lies right before my eyes. The clean, crisp air, friendly environment, and the perfect spaciousness between each residence all exceed the rural life. The memories and joy I experienced on this street will always have a special place in my heart.

During summertime, as the golden rays shine and radiate through the family of trees running up and down each side of the street, the noise of the Poppy’s ice cream truck runs throughout my mind and I don’t know if sometimes I am just dreaming it or it really is right among my house. Also, the sound of splashing into a giant pool of coolness echoes throughout the backyards, along with neighbors swinging back ‘n forth until their little legs can’t pump anymore. Summer here is always a blast, there’s no other environment I’d like to wake up in.

During wintertime, every morning I get awaken by the snowplow that makes its way putting up the hill at the break of dawn. The salt the town workers drop covers all the cars that turn on Bristol. Whenever there is a fresh batch of snow, the neighbors always gather together to make a giant snowman, and to down the Owasco hill. It really feels like a winter on my street.

No matter where I end up my neighborhood on Bristol Ave will always be chuck full of great childhood memories. The painted picture of the perfect neighborhood will always stay with me.

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