Overcoming a Harship

May 16, 2008
Overcoming a Hardship

Life is a journey in which many things can happen. There are numerous paths which can be traveled. Some which are nourishing long lasting roads, while there are also some dangerous and sad dead ends. The choice of which one to take it’s ours, but most importantly is how we decide to be impacted and if either we decide to learn something good or bad from them.

Four years ago I found out my dad was not the person I though he was. I found out he didn’t loved me, but instead hated me. He was everything to me, and I was willing to give up even my own life for him. But to my surprise he just didn’t cared about all the love I felt for him, and all that I was willing to sacrifice for him. I felt devastated and helpless, like the world was falling down on my shoulders. I felt like one part of me was missing and that part was keeping me from moving on. Although it was really tough; I had to overcome the situation and leave it in the past. And even though it left a scar inside me, it also shaped me to the person I am today.

My life had a turning point, which led me to another completely different direction. I was to be headed to a distinct path. I was to be a better person in life. This particular experience took the veil off my eyes. It showed me the truth. Which is that life is not perfect and easy. It taught me to open my eyes to reality, and to overcome tough moments without falling into a black hole. I learned how to accept thing as they happen, and that they happen for a meaningful reason. I learned to stand and succeed and not depend on someone else to achieve any thing. And most importantly, the most valuable thing that I’ve learned is that during the very hardest, lowest, and saddest moments in my life, God was always there beside me lifting me up. I learned that even though sometimes we think that it’s only us who bad things happen to; God will never leave us alone. As Matthew 19:26 says “…with God all things are possible.” And certainly he will not let you give up.

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