Pinball Wizard

May 14, 2008
By Harrison Moenster, Lake St. Louis, MO

The aged machine sputtered to life as the last quarter fell into the bowels of the device. An orchestration of neon lights, and fast paced music radiated grandly. Three shiny metal balls lay before a piston that fired these bearings at the speed of light into the play field. He felt the rush of adrenaline creep up his spine as he realized he would be the last person to play an arcade game before the nukes came crashing down and Revelations was performed like the play it was written to be. He fired the first ball and traced it’s movement with his eyes as a lion observes it’s pray. The pinball fell across the board into a pair of bumpers that added to the balls momentum, made the electronic crowd cheer, and added innumerable points to his score. After immediately hitting another pair of parallel bumpers the ball lurched toward the flippers down below. He tried to push the buttons as fleetly as he could, but the first ball was lost into the void at the very bottom.

“Not much time left.” he thought to himself as he glanced at his watch to see that the first siren started nearly 10 minutes ago. The second ball was launched. Bumper after bumper it bounced its way across the field. Just as he glanced out the window he saw the wave of death creeping towards him at what seemed to be a leisurely pace. He continued to play even though he knew that civilization would be lost forever. Eternal seconds past while he enjoyed himself for the last time in his life. He was instantly incinerated less than 5 seconds after he beat his previous world record.

Some say he never used the last ball, some say the first shockwave gave him a tilt, but all will remember him as the Pinball Wizard.

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