Think Before Impressing Boys

May 14, 2008
Do you remember in pre-school when skipping the first monkey bar used to seem like the “cool” thing to do? One spring day, back in 4k, I decided to out-do the rest of the playground. On a typical, average pre-school afternoon, we all heard this cute little voice yell to make an announcement to everyone. Infatuated by his great looks, all of the kids on the playground stopped dead in their tracks. I thought to myself, “Oh boy, it’s Weston!” A boy of hot looks and an undesirable personality, he stepped up on a bench and cupped his hands over his mouth. Looking at his blonde hair and big, gorgeous, pool blue eyes really just made me feel mushy all over! I had a gigantic crush on him. Next thing I knew he shouted to the whole 4k class, “I bet none of you can skip the first three monkey bars and make it to the forth!” Quickly and confidently I replied, “I bet I can!” with a challenging look on my face. Everyone knew I was the queen of the monkey bars and not to mess with Danielle Denk when it came to them. Because Weston wanted to beat the “queen” so bad, he practiced his swinging skills all week long. So the race began, between Weston and me. We would soon find out who could skip the most monkey bars. To win this bet would be a huge achievement and great honor. I made Weston go first. He took a deep breath while walking up the steps of the jungle gym. Everyone could see the terrified look on his face. He feared me greatly. After his big dramatic ensemble, he finally looked up at the bars and then he flew out towards the third bar. He had only made it past the first! I was thinking to myself, “What a relief!” As he swung and finished the rest of the monkey bars in humiliation, I quickly hopped up there and thought to myself how easy this challenge turned out. Excited and nervous, I jumped. During my flight through the air, I searched for that third bar, but I couldn’t find it anywhere! Next thing I knew, I awoke in the doctor’s office, and I can still feel the doctor giving me stitches. Apparently, I had jumped a little bit too far and hit my chin on the wooden step where I used to get off the monkey bars. Whoever said skipping the monkey bars would be easy was wrong! Congratulating me the next day, Weston came to talk to me and he apologized. I can still show anyone that lovely scar today, right under my chin.

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