That Summer

May 14, 2008
By Courtney Schramm, Rochester, NY

Sixth grade, first year of middle school, total drag. I never wanted to be there, the only reason I went was because I was to young to be a “drop out”. Until “He” came into the picture, from then on I was all about school, it was everything just because he was around. We were the two sticky bandits, beevis and butt head always on the run from the teachers because we did something wrong.
I Guess He Was Just That Boy, the one that makes you feel so complete inside. A wrap around blanket that is just so cozy warm you never want to leave it. That’s Him The Boy I have liked for 2 years. A total complete package. He knew I liked him all along and so did everyone else surrounding us. Weather we were at the park, or at the mall, or at school it was no secret. I was so willing to give my heart to him but he wasn’t. From that day on I was crushed inside and out but I wasn’t about to let him know that.
We spent the whole summer together, him leading me on and me leading him on. It was constant flirting with out even knowing it. We loved the park and that was where we always could meet up on our 90’s style bicycles almost everyday. We were totally inseparable, unbreakable, and amazing. It was always towards the night when he would be romantic. We would lie in Soft prickly just mowed grass and watch the stars side by side. But there was always an interruption. Either it was our friends or our parents ruining the moment that I never wanted to end.
Near the end of that summer of 07, the visits got shorter and we just stopped meeting up. I got depressed because he was the best thing that has ever happened to me in that time period. Now 7th grade we have only hung out twice, Halloween and going to the Mall to see simple plan. I would stay home hoping he would show his face. Now we don’t talk anymore. We just pass each other up in the hall like those amazing moments never happened. I wasn’t expecting the unexpected. Now we have both gone our separate ways and that boy I once knew in sixth grade was gone.

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