The Webs We Weave

May 14, 2008
By Nicole Hutchisnon, Clarkston, MI

I remember it like it had just occurred; there we were arriving at the resort in June. It had the beautiful lake front and cabins with so much to enjoy. We unpacked our belongings and pitched up our tents for the night. Then my brothers and I walked down to the beach to go fishing.
“Grab the line and toss it over the edge of the boat so we can eat dinner tonight Amber” Aaron said.
I caught a 33 inch pike and “yummy, it looks so delicious...”
“Yes, you finally got food for us; Dinner time for us soon.”
Running eagerly back to the dock with a bunch of fish in a cooler Aaron holding one side of the cooler and Josh the other.
Amber spoke softly, “You know I truly enjoy being out here in the peaceful waters with you guys.”
“Yeah I guess, If you like being with a bunch of family all the time, its cool.” The boys replied. The sunset sank into a deep dark tone of the midnight sky. After we finished dinner, we ran to the tents, hit the sack and catch a good night’s sleep.
The day broke through and the blazing sun woke me from my sleep. I went through my suit case and found my swim suit.
“Oh my, it’s so hot I am going to the pool for a long swim and to have a relaxing day.”
I slipped my swim suit on and started walking toward the dome where the pool is. The water was clear as the glass windows that surrounded the area. My toes tingled when I went to get in, I took a dive and in the water I went. Swimming under the water I swam into someone of a large figure.
“Crap, I’m going to feel like a fool when I see who it is.”
Needless to say, I was quite surprised to see it was a cute young man who was built with strong muscles and a bright beautiful smile on his face.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t mean to hit you…” she spoke with a quiet tone.
“Hey, it’s ok. I know you didn’t mean to do it. What’s your name?”
“Amber.” “Umm... I have to go, I’ll see you around I guess.” My faced turned red and I quickly exited the pool area.
I lost my thought and I was flustered from the embarrassment.
Now that I made a fool of my self, I think I’m going to play some pool or work out.
While I was in the workout room I seen my cousin for the first time in a year. So I approached him
“Hey there, I haven’t seen you in a long time. What’s new with you?”

“I’ve just finished school and all that good stuff. Oh by the way this is my friend Jon.”

“What… oh, I just met him in the pool,” I giggled.

“Hey, I will catch up with you both later I have to find someone.”

“Bye. I’ll see you back at camp.”
Justin left to find someone and a conversation seemed to strike up between Jon and me. He was a humorous person and I really was growing fond of him in no time at all.
He was sixteen at the time. We were out of high school for summer vacation. He was tall about 5’10” and athletic; he was in the work out room.
“You have an accent where are you from?” Jon was doing some bicep curls.
“I’m just visiting from Georgia.”
“I thought you were from the south; I like your accent you don’t hear that around here.” Jon was a charmer.
I was taken in because time has past so quickly, so I invited him to a campfire with me and my family and some friends for a while.
“Who’s he Amber?” Josh spoke in a deep tone.
“Chill out this is Jon. He’s a friend of Justin’s and mine too ok.”
“Well take a seat and we’ll get started with some smores.”
Amber and Jon were holding hands and walking everywhere together; they were almost like a couple. Everyday for the past few weeks they did everything together they went swimming, fishing, boating and campfires too.
Many conversations and thoughts sank into Jon’s mind.
“What is such a beautiful girl like you doing alone?”
“Well, you see I’m the kind of girl who falls for the losers; the guy who only hurts me and becomes obsessive.”

They stare off into the tree line when Amber suddenly realizes a familiar face. It’s her ex-boyfriend Luis.

“Holy s***, that’s my ex! I have to go. You should leave to it’s for the best.”

“I’m not leaving! If he wants to fight then so be it!”
We were on the dock staring off from the distance the shadow starting to appear closer to us. I hurried away while Jon sat there full of pride.
(Smack) I turned around to see Luis and Jon tussling. There was blood on the dock and Luis’s face swollen up the size of a basketball.
“I don’t care if you don’t want us to be happy. You can forget about her because she’s already forgotten about you!”
I ran to the fight to stop them from hitting anymore but when I entered the area Luis grabbed my arm and slapped me in the face. I hit the ground. Next thing I see I are the two of them running down the beach when Jon picks up an ore from a boat.
Luis got a hit to the right cheek. While we were on the dock staring off I saw from the distance
The next thing I recall is Luis in my face.
“You’ll regret you ever met him and I mean it.”
I trembled in fear I didn’t know how to react so I broke down in tears. Luis was gone and nowhere to be found. Jon approached me; he picked me up and held me close when I heard him whisper
“As long as I am with you no one will ever hurt you again, I promise.”
As tears feel from my face I could barely speak to say
“I can’t deal with this anymore. You got hurt and I did too; he won’t leave it alone; I know him.”
Another guy approached to see if we were ok. The guy grabbed my arm to help me up when Jon said
“Get your hands off her! She’s mine and I’m sick of guys talking to my girl.”
“Jon, he’s just trying to help.”
“I don’t care you belong to me and no one will step in my way!”
A year passed and no words were spoken to anyone about the incident but I was filled with regret for Jon getting hurt. I fell in love with him and I repay him with the crazy ex. I sat in my tent wondering how I could fix the whole problem. How I could make him forget me so he doesn’t get hurt anymore. I cried for hours when I realized he is my world. Every summer I meet up with him and I was always worried about that day; but the last time I saw him one year ago. I was supposed to meet him at the same campsite as always. When he didn’t show up I started to wonder what happened because always there when I asked him to be.

I called his cell phone and it rang and rang but I got no answer. I knew something was terribly wrong. So I called my cousin because he was really good friends with Jon. My cousin trembled when he said
“I didn’t want you to get hurt. Forget him Amber, just forget him.”
“Justin…what happened? Tell me now!”
“You don’t need him just leave him alone and go back home.
“Justin, please tell me…”
“Amber he has been playing you and getting with other girls. I was told not to tell you about it or you would get hurt. If comes near you run! You hear me, run!”
I saw the deep blue pick-up truck pull up to the site and I couldn’t believe what Justin just told me. I cried while I stared at Jon approaching me with a loving smile.
“You ready to leave?”
“Why were you late Jon?”
“It’s not your business. Get in the truck we’re leaving!”
“No not until you tell me.”
He grabbed my arm squeezing with all his strength my arm was turning red and bruising from the tight grip.
“Get in now!”
“Let me go. I thought you were different! Please Jon I love you!”
“Good because your mine and that’s that.”
Fear filled me and I didn’t know what to do I love him but I’m so sick of being abused.
“What happened to the charming boy I knew?”
“I’m still here just as long as you obey me and do as I say!”
“Jon, just take a hike…just let me go and you can be on your way.”
“I won’t leave you.”
“I’m telling you it’s over and I am done. No more games and lies forget me I’m gone.”
“I can’t do that. I need you.”
He let get out of the truck and I walked away with tears streaming down my face. My brother was walking towards me when I arrived back to our campsite.

“I saw you crying Amber, what’s wrong?”

“I’m done with this crap all I do is end up hurt so I don’t want to deal with it anymore.”

“Is it Jon?”

“So what we are done it doesn’t matter anymore.”

“Amber, he was to controlling but you had to see for yourself…you deserve better but only you can choose what better is. Besides you’re always attracted to the guys who are the same. You’re stuck to them like it’s a rhythm of music. You’re afraid to explore and go out of what seems normal to you.”
It didn’t end the way I wanted it to and I would have been pleased if for a change I could find a guy who wasn’t such a loser. Jon and I still talk when we cross paths each year but it was clear that we were nothing more than just friends and never again will I fall for the fake smiles and those sweetening words of a charming guy who just ends up to be another loser.

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