Love Forever

May 13, 2008
By nicole waibel, Cuyahoga Falls, OH

It was sometime in July. The hot sun was beating down on her skin. She had
taken off her t-shirt and was then wearing a tank top and a mini skirt. She
strolled down the street in her new pink high heels. She ran her fingers threw her
thin, straight, blonde hair. Just then her cell phone rang a jingle. She answered
and said, “Hello?” in an obnoxious voice. To her surprise it was her best friend
Kayliegh. They talked until she had gotten to the end of the block. She said
good-bye, hung up her phone, fixed her skirt and continued walking. She made it to the park, by then it was about 3o’clock in the afternoon. The sunshine had
made her skin sizzle. She then went and sat on a swing. She pulled out her
phone and pushed some buttons and held the phone to her ear. She had said, “Hello is Chris there?” She utters some more words, smiles then she hung up. She waits on the swing set for about two more minutes. After that she reapplies her moon rock candy lip-gloss. A boy shows up riding his bike on the sidewalk. He puts his bike about 3 feet away from the swing set and walks over to the girl. They walk to each other, hug and go sit on a bench. They stare into each others’ eyes for what seems like forever. After a few minutes more punks on bikes ride by. Then they had fiercely thrown their bikes on the ground by Chris’s. The boys walk over to Chris and they appeared mad. Chris then tells her to say on the bench and that he will take care of everything. While he walks toward the boys they go behind a sturdy, thick, brick building. Then as soon as Chris goes behind the building
there instantly is screaming and yells. She gets out her phone nervously as her hands are shaking and she calls his cell phone, remembering to stay at the bench. His phone rings then goes to voice mail. She panics and runs toward the building, running faster and faster every second. While she runs the screams are becoming louder and more painful. She runs faster but then stumbles to the ground from tipping over a rock. She looked at her shoe and her two inch heal has broken off. Her knee is scraped up, dirt is all over her skirt, and her golden necklace with the words Courtney was tangled into her hair. She races to take her other shoe off to run faster. She throws them to the ground. As she is running sticks and stone pierce her feet. As she makes her way closer to the building the screams stop; scared she goes to the side of the building. She sees nothing and runs to the other side. As she gets closer she sees blood running down the sidewalk. She then sees Chris on his hands and knees. “Chris!” she screamed with tears streaming down her face. He turns slightly to look at her but fails he falls and hits his head on the cement. Courtney runs over to him and sits down next to him. She then leans his head on her legs, while blood is running down his face from many cuts and bruises. The tears from Courtney’s dirty cheeks drip down on Chris’ face. She takes out her phone and calls 911. When someone answered the phone Courtney is about screaming in the phone about what has happened. After she is done a lady says, “Hold on someone will be there in a while.” She hangs up her phone shaking. “Chris…Chris… Can you hear me?” Courtney says while anxiously waiting for a response. Chris opens his mouth to try to say yes but blood spills out of the side and runs down his face. He tries to say more words but she tells him to
hold her breathe; he refuses. He then shouted “Courtney, I love you with all my heart.” His eyes then slowly shut. Courtney cries and says, “I love you too Chris.” She coughs a

little from all of the crying. She leaned over and she kissed Chris. The blood from his face got on hers but she didn’t care. When Courtney kissed Chris she felt a bit of life from Chris. The ambulance finally arrived with a stretcher and they had rushed to Chris. They tell Courtney to step aside. They take a pulse and try CPR but do not succeed. Courtney was standing on the side with bloodshot eyes. They take Chris away in the stretcher and a while later Courtney’s parents came to pick her up. Her mother asks where her shoes are and Courtney replied that some kid took then when she had taken them off because her feet were sore. After that her mother asked where her necklace was. Courtney looked at her neck and was shocked too. She had said she had no idea where it was. That night Courtney took a shower and then tried to sleep except she couldn’t. She kept having nightmares about Chris. The next day Chris’ mom called, she said that they had found her necklace in Chris’s hand. She said that she would come over later and drop it off. Courtney had gotten her necklace back and she wore it the rest of the day. Later that night she had written a diary entry that said:
Dear Diary,
I can’t take what had happened to Chris. It is my entire fault. This guilt inside me is overwhelming. If I die tonight I shall be with the one I love in heaven. My parents tell me it isn’t my fault! Atrocious I say! If I had just called the number quicker, Well, I must leave. You can not stop me, I must do this. Goodbye.

That night Courtney got her car keys out and drove off. She had driven off a bridge on the highway. Her friends and family were devastated. Her funeral was the worst for the family. They decided that Chris and Courtney’s funeral should be on the same day and that they should be buried in the same casket. They looked so peaceful in there. When her mother and father looked at Chris and her their hands were apart. Courtney’s mother closed her eyes and leaned onto her husbands shoulder. She looked at then one last time before they were buried and Chris and Courtney’s hand were together. So Chris and Courtney’s soul was buried in loving peace, comfort, and joyful memories.

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