There's Two of Me

May 13, 2008
What is it like being a twin? Well although many could never tell you, I am fortunate enough to know what it is like. My twin brother, Dale, and I, were born on January 22, 1990. From then on, I have never been just one person. It's always been Dale and me. Twins are always thought to have like qualities and act the same. In my situation, it's far from anything people say. We are two completely different people. I am tall and Dale is short. I favor my dad’s look, and Dale is the spitting image of my mom. I have always been told I am the better twin, mainly because Dale is always getting into trouble somehow. But these things are only little qualities that people can actually see. Behind closed doors there are so many differences we have. I love country music, while Dale can shake the house with his rap music. Although I’ve failed, I tend to do better in school, considering Dale quit in the 10th grade. Dale always does everything fast- driving, eating, walking, and talking. I am just slower paced. I am never in a rush. Dale loves being outside whereas I have always been an inside person. I am more the country type that likes John Deere, and Dale is more into South Pole and Girbauds. Also, I live with my dad, and Dale lives with my mom.

Putting aside our differences, being a twin is something very ordinary. I have never been a lonely child, and I always had someone to talk. Some things are just easier to talk about with a twin. Mainly because they understand how you feel. I don’t talk to Dale that much, but when we do talk, there is a bond between us that we can’t have with anyone else. At times I have said that I hated being a twin and that I just wanted to be considered an equal, but times have changed. I used to hate getting the same clothes, the same gifts at Christmas, and always being “Devon and Dale.” It is never just Devon. But as I get older, I realize that having a twin is very rare and that it is something that I should feel lucky to have.

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