Grandma Sue

May 13, 2008
By Santeli Gonzalez, Rochester, NY

It was a rainy, cold day, it was the worst day ever. I will never forget the day I was awake and getting ready for school when it hit me that my mother was crying and then my sister. It was hard to focus when they were crying so I begged my mom to tell me and when she did I nearly fainted I started to cry and couldn’t stop. I thought my life was over and so sad. Then everybody that was in my house heard it. It was horrible news my grandma died of a heart-attack. That day my mom and dad and the kids couldn’t bare to go to school so we were excused and we did nothing but cry the whole day. I went to school a day later couldn’t even concentrate on my work but I tried my hardest but I couldn’t keep in the crying.

Then came my grandmas wake and it was horrible. All the family was there just crying and so heart broken. The day of her wake was devastating. The way she was laying their dead, cold, and so very still. The next was even worse because it was the funeral. We got there and it was cold and windy we were all so very quiet and still. I really couldn’t bare to watch my grandmothers coffin be directly over a whole that had dirt walls. I closed my eyes half of the time and was very quiet. My three cousins weren’t there because they couldn’t handle the wake.

My grandmother died at three o’clock in the morning on her bed. It was the day after Memorials. I don’t understand it could happen this way the day before she died she was happy and active but in a way she seemed like she knew what was going to happen. My cousin said that she seen the look on grandmas face when they dropped her off at home she said she looked like she was sorry. My grandfather said that he tried to save her but she didn’t want him to, he tried he even called 911 but she didn’t let him because she hated doctors.

Everybody till this day loves and truly misses her. There is an emptiness in my heart because of this loss. When we go out to her house its like she’s there but not really there. It’s been almost three years since she passed and I will never forget her.

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