The Dreadful Halloween Costumes

May 13, 2008
By Jesse phillippen, Rochester, NY

One night I was over Stevens grandpas house it was like 11:00 at night it was me Sammy and Steven it was a sleep over . Later that night we were making costumes for Halloween. It was Stevens idea to build the costumes. I agreed at first because it looked fun.

Sammy was a garbage can Steven was the haunted pizza box and I was a vending machine. Steven had a helmet on with a antenna sticking out of it and pop feet and hands. Sammy was in a cardboard box. I was in a giant rectangle box we found the cardboard in Stevens basement. The next day we spray painted my costume black gold and green. With mountain dew sign on it. With a slot on the top and a hole on the bottom.

The next day I wore it to school. Everybody wanted to wear it. It was hard to carry my stuff around. Later that day I bought a vitamin water and I dropped and it broke and spilled every were I hat to clean it up. It was very hard to get on and off the bus. I couldn’t wear it on Halloween it was trashed and to hared to walk in it

I said I am not ever going to do that again ever for my whole life. It was little room hard to carry stuff around. I learned my lesson never be a vending machine it is small people punch you it is hard to walk around in and you will drop your stuff a lot.

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