Deaconess Shirley

I woke up early around 5am May 21st 2006 to hear my mom calling my grandfather in North Carolina saying that Grandma Shirley died. I climbed out of the hotel bed and felt numb. My parents, brother and I were at a hotel because we were in New York City and were away from home. I couldn’t even brush my teeth without thinking she was dead. I cried the whole ride to the hospital in Bronx N.Y.

When we reached the hospital I saw family members and my grandmother’s friend. We saw my grandmother lying on the bed. My grandmother looked really skinny and was hard for me to accept that she had died. I felt like there was a huge weight on me. My dad was crying and so was my mom. Grandma Shirley was my father’s mom. My heart ached for my father as he wept at his mother’s death bed. Before we left the hospital we had to say our good-byes for now before the funeral. I could barely say anything; I could only say “love you “to my grandmother.
The funeral was a sad day. My grandmother looked stunning in the casket she was smiling and looked peaceful. I remembered going thru the funeral procession and holding my dad’s hand and my mom and my brother following us with other family members.
That day we buried her was one of the saddest days of my life.

* My mother called my grandfather because it was a painful time for him. My grandparents had been divorced for many years.

Before Grandma died I remembered her being beautiful, warm- hearted, kind, generous, stylish sensitive, and caring. I always did not see her often because she was living in Bronx N.Y. and I was in Rochester, N.Y. The time I remembered about her was when traveled to Washington for the last thanksgiving with her. We were at my aunt’s house and other relatives were there. We went to Washington because Grandma was getting sick. She was excited to see us and it was a surprise to her. I look back on the times I had with her and miss it.

I regretted not calling her as much or seeing her as much. I cry or get teary eyed when I think about her. I asked questions to myself like “what would have happened if they would have found the cancer earlier”? I knew that it was God’s will. I am Christian and found the Bible a comfort to me. I realize that all of us should cherish our loved ones everyday.

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