The broken lamp

May 13, 2008
By Brannea Johnson, Rochester, NY

It was a late summer night and it was raining. My Mom went out to my Dad’s band gig that was supposed to end near one. My brother Mark was in the family room playing the play station and I was in the living room watching television. At about ten my brother came in demanding that I let him watch wrestling. When I said no he left for a minute. When Mark came back he complained he was going to miss the match. I said oh well and started to flip trough the channels purposely going past the wrestling channel and even pausing for a moment to get him mad. It worked because he picked me up and took me to my room dumping me on my bed.
I got mad at him and snuck out of my room into the hallway. Peeking around the corner I saw that he was imitating some of the wrestling moves on a pillow. Giggling I went back to my room. Then I had an idea. I waited for a moment and then I snuck out of my room again. Perfect I thought as I stood in the doorway to the living room. Mark’s back was turned to me. I quietly snuck up behind him and screamed. He jumped crying out in shock. Laughing I sat on the couch. Mark started yelling at me saying how it wasn’t funny and then out of nowhere he picked me up and throws me. I landed on the other chair near the window. I quickly got up and charged at him. Dodging Mark shoved me…right in to my mom’s lamp! The lamp moved to one side and tipped breaking into a million pieces. We started arguing trying to blame each other for the incident. Finally we stopped arguing and he told me to go to bed. I started to protest but then stopped myself. Slow I turned and went to my room.
It must have been after one o clock because I woke to voices. My Mom had come home to the broken lamp and she sounded mad. I got out of bed and went into the kitchen. My parents where sitting at the table with my brother. When my mom saw me she said she was just about to wake me up. It was like I was a criminal and she was a cop she interrogated me. I started to tell her it was my fault but Mark spoke up saying it was his. My Mom started lecturing him about how irresponsible he was and she told me to go back to bed. I was surprised that he would lie for me but happy I wasn’t the one grounded.
The next morning I asked him why he had said he was the one that did it. He said that when he saw how mad mom was and how I was going to tell her it was my fault he felt bad. Plus it was kind of his fault he had pushed me but I hadn’t said that. It would have broken that heartfelt moment. In a way I think that my mom always knew it was me but never said so. After that day I know that Mark will always have my back and since then we have been lying for each other. (Please don’t tell my mom and dad this.) 

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