My Great Awakening

May 13, 2008
By Jessica Tasciotti, Rochester, NY

Sunday mornings are never delightful in myhousehold, it was practically an innate thing for us, and this one was no different. The pressure of Monday was upon us all and the dread was horrible. I was already in a terrible mood because I was exhausted from rehearsals and field hockey. My mom was running behind schedule as usual and she was irritated with my father. My sister was acting immature, and selfish, as usual. Everything was pretty normal. Until my sister for some reason became more and more irritating to me. She seemed like a little mosquito one couldn’t quite squish; pardon me more like a flock of them. Her voice was so unbearable I just couldn’t take it! I flipped out, totally and completely lost it. My head was that of an owl, but off to church we went, my mom my sister and I, (my father is stubborn about going to church).

The car ride was awkward and silent. We were all on edge. Finally, after what felt like an eternity we were there. Up to the balcony we walked uniformly and silently. I was quite relieved to find my aunt and my uncle sitting contently on the pews. My aunt’s smile gave me a feeling of relief, for reasons I do not know. I wanted to remove myself from the situation so I sat in the front row of the balcony, while everyone else sat in the rows behind me. I sat alone and pondering through almost the entire service. Then my aunt whispered my name in an urgent manner, “Jess”. I slowly cocked my head in her direction only to whack it, hammer on a nail, right into the side of the pew. It hurt terribly bad, and the only reason my aunt needed me was for a bible in my row. My head started to hurt as the church sang, Kumbi-ya. After the hymn it was sermon time, Eck. I dread this part like a Monday morning.

Reverend Hess had done a pastor exchange for that Sunday with the pastor from a Greece Community Church. Seeing someone else on the podium is as if a strange person were lying in your bed. Quite imposing if one were to ask me, at first glance I had no care for the situation. The pastor began by introducing himself and that routine stuff, boring as all you know what. I sat there blank minded ready for some excitement, you see after church I would be participating in The C.R.O.P. walk. This is a walk where people raise money for people in Africa starving and thirsty. I am all for the helping and doing good so I was somewhat enthralled. Sitting in those pews was killing me, I wanted to move around.

He began to start the sermon, I listened for a change, and he said that he would be telling of peace. Peace is a passion I posses and I began to get excited to hear this one. Pastor J. said that some will take the bible and break it. They will use the one statement of taking your swords and baring your arms and forget about the other 30 that are words of peace, and say the Lord wants us to fight. “No. no he doesn’t. Peace is what the lord strives for his people to practice.” I was so hooked by now; if someone were to bother me I might have done some damage. I sat there thinking how the world is too focused on violence and terror, people need to put down there weapons, whether verbal or physical ones, and come together. The last thing that Pastor J said I will never forget, ever, “We need to lay the seeds of love and humanity and acceptance to raise a harvest of peace.” How true it is, I try to face everyone with respect and acceptance, this sermon changed me inside. I am forever a peace worker, and will continue this for my entire life.

This sermon I will carry with me forever and I will spread the message of peace to everyone. I hope to spread a chain of peace and love. God has a strange power over me now, this extremely resent awakening has morphed me.(for the better) A day that was a full of inconveniences, and the world vs. me, turned to be one of the most motivating and amazing ones days ever.

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