Uncle's Death

May 13, 2008
By michael elliott, Rochester, NY

Two years ago on thee day after 5th grade started I was at my grandfather’s house my uncle was outside painting the house for my grandpa.. I went inside got a drink came back out and I said see-ya Uncle Phil. And drove by him happily. That night I had dreams about him sleep walking then killing himself. Then later that day when I got home from school my parents were crying and I asked what was wrong and they said you uncle Phil died. I was hesitant to ask how. So I went on my bed and cried. Later the next day I finally got the guts and asked how he died and my mom told me he was drunk and he killed himself because he didn’t know what he was doing. He was angry at his wife and went upstairs with everyone thinking he’s asleep he killed himself.

Phil was my dad’s brother one of seven of his brothers and one sister they have a big family with lots of grandkids we all took the death differently some cried some held it in but we all dealt with it. We have family gatherings for Christmas Easter and many other things. We are a very close family even for the people who live out of state. The people who took it the worst was his daughters they stayed home from school for two weeks crying on the couch. The most fun time I had with my uncle was when we were in Disney world and he took me out at 6:00A.M to go get autographs from the characters. My uncle Phil was a great uncle and our family was very close so the loss was tragic.

After he died we went to the wake and funeral at thee wake when we saw his body we were all full of sorrow. The funeral wasn’t the only sad thing about the death I had many dreams of him dieing and killing him self I got scared.

My dad also changed since the incident he went out to the cemetery one night about a month after his death he came home crying I asked what’s wrong he said nothing. He was bottled up like a shaken pop bottle. He was sad and so was everyone else. Then the last incident that happens after his death is my dad gets really sad because of his brothers death so he goes for a walk and we drive around about two hours later and we see him sitting on the sidewalk just sitting there and he says “I had seven brothers and a sister some people would say that’s a lot of family. But today that’s not enough”.

After That I stopped having dreams and try not to think about it but now that I am talking about it I feel a lot better and I learned that crying and talking about it makes it feel better. Though I can’t talk about it in person yet because it’s hard to say in words I can still talk about it on the computer and writing it down. Now instead of being sad about his death which I am I try to think about the good times we had together as a family and I can always pull through it. I think about his daughters and how sad it must have been for them but now to years later they can talk about it and tell how they feel so the only thing you need after a death is to show your emotions and wait it off the sorrow will ill go away. I will move on.

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