May 8, 2008
By Brittany Pugh, Auburn, WA


My family got Roscoe from a shelter all the way in Dalles, Oregon. It was a 5 hour drive round trip. Roscoe was a German Short Haired Pointer Wimeriner Mix. When we first brought him home we had some errands to run and since we didn’t have our fence put up yet my dad suggested that we just leave him on our back deck. But he jumped off of our deck, which just so happened to be on the 2nd story of our house. He survived the jump and ran all the way up to the South Hill mall by our house. Luckily we had got him some new dog tags. We went down my neighborhood and stopped to ask everyone if they had seen our dog. And they all answered the same way, which was no. Sadly, we walked home with our heads hanging. When I got home my mom was running out to the truck to get Roscoe. Two boys found him running around like a maniac and once they caught him they looked at his dog tags and called us. All that my mom told me was “they found him and I am going to go get him stay at the house.” She was gone, 10 – 15 minutes later my mom returned home with Roscoe I felt like a tremendous weight had been lifted of my shoulders.


Roscoe had been an abused dog and rescued by the people we got him from. He literally had been beaten the fart out of until we got him. Roscoe seemed to have a very sensitive stomach. One day when my grandparents came over after church Roscoe’s stomach was not feeling to well. After about an hour of visiting with my grandparents my grandpa decided it was time to go. As my grandpa went down the stairs Roscoe went too. When they reached the bottom my grandpa moved to fast and scared poor Roscoe, and he farted and it reeked of nastiness. My grandpa did not realize that he scared Roscoe, and abruptly stated that there was a stench down stairs. And it really stunk. Grandpa climbed back up the stairs and told everyone again that it stunk downstairs. Turns out Roscoe had been scared and farted next to the door. The stench floated up stairs and everyone left the living room and went to the kitchen. After about 15 minutes the stench left and so did my grandparents.


Remember how I told you that Roscoe had been abused, well he didn’t like strange noises either. We had some errands to run so we hooked Roscoe up to the ties that were in between the big tree and house and as soon as he started to move he started to run. He had heard the sound from the zip line and he was scared. He ran all the way to the other side of the yard still tied to the zip line and when he got to the end of the zip line he was lifted off the ground and flung around the tree and on one side of the tree there was a ladder that my dad had got to hang up the zip line and anyway when he got there he hit it, it fell over and he continued his journey around the tree. All the while he was pooping. It was the funniest thing in the world. And so we took him off the zip line and put him in the kennel we got for him.


A while after owning Roscoe we noticed that he was getting out a lot so we decide to watch him. Anyway while we were watching we saw that he would run to a fence and then find a corner. He climbed up the fence and jumped out of our yard. Then we decided to try a harness on him he still got out. And finally the only way to contain him was to put up our hot wire fence that we used with our horses. The next time that he tried to get out he got zapped and never tried again.
The Adventures of Roscoe

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