Another Night

May 7, 2008
Quietly I tiptoed through the hallway. All the doors were closed and not a parent to be heard. What would they even think of me, sneaking out of the house this late? In the kitchen and out the front door was where I needed to be. I could see the kitchen, just waiting for me to slide through the cold tiled floor and out to freedom. I'm a little straight A student that needs a little fun, that's all. The kitchen didn’t smell like it did in the morning, when it was active. Being in the kitchen made me want to just open the fridge and eat all night. But I had a place to be, with someone to be with. I wasn’t going to lose my chance just to eat. So I stepped across the kitchen, ignoring the fridge that was filled with a nice little slice of strawberry cake, with cream whipped on the top. I sacrificed my hunger, and the trust that my parents had on me when I was about to step outside.
The door knob was cold, sending chills up my body. I slowly twisted it, hoping my parents won't hear me escape. I took my first step into the night, and it felt like coming into a new world. The sky was dark and the moon was full, and my boyfriend was sitting in his truck, waiting for me to skip my way to his car.
I was half way to my destination when I felt this horrible feeling sweep against me, this feeling of hate upon myself, and dishonor to my parents. I took a deep breath and my feet led me back home. Each step back, I regretted, but I knew it was the best thing. I opened the door to me house, not even trying to be sneaky anymore. I opened the fridge and grabbed the Strawberry cake. I skipped my way to my room, shutting the door behind me. I'll try again tomorrow, like I have been every night.

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