Making the Best of It

May 6, 2008
By Kadeem Lundy, Brooklyn, NY

Many high school student dream of their senior year of high school,and all the senior activities that come with it. Seniors look forward to going to prom, graduation, and senior trip.I was looking forward to my senior trip,since it was the last year that I really got a chance to hang out with friends. I wasn't prepared however for the many surprises that would come along with my senior trip.
It was a warm day in March, and we were all in the school gym waiting to board the buses to go on our senior trip which was spending the weekend at the Nevele Grande Resort. We got our luggage checked by the deans,and checked in, and just waited in the gym. it felt like being in a airport, waiting to board a flight. Then we began boarding the buses,I remember my bus was the last one to be boarded.
About an hour and a half later we were in Ellenville,a small town, with hardly any buildings in sight,and what little buildings were there weren't any bigger than shacks. it was mostly open space,and mountains in the far distance. Then I noticed in the middle of this vast space was a cylinder shaped tower and a small motel looking building next to it, and a wooden sign that said "Nevele", we were there.After we got off the bus,we went inside, got or room keys and headed to our rooms.I remember the room that my friends and I were sharing for the weekend was on the sixth floor, and we decided to walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator,since the elevator was crowded. When we got to our room,the first thing we noticed was that the windows were covered with ladybugs,and me and my friends spend a while trying to get them off the windows,and later found out that was a common occurance in most rooms at the hotel.
After we got settled, we headed to the dining hall for a buffet lunch,then after we went to play sports.I played tennis with my friends,then watched them play basketball, and volleyball.Later that night after dinneer my friends and i went to the gameroom for a little while,played laser tag, and went to the dance party,while others went to the swimming pool.
The following two days,we woke for a buffet breakfast,then played some games,and went outside to ski, snow tube, ice skate, and do other activities. As I sat by the fire eating smores I looked out to see many of my peers skiing, and snowtubing down the slopes. But I decided to hike a snowy hill with some of my friends and some deans ,which led to a waterfall, which allowed me to experience nature in it's fullest firsthand. Later that night after dinner my school had an American Idol style karaoke event. Then my friends and I hung out in our room for a bit.
The next day we ate breakfast, packed our stuff and got ready to leave.But before we left we alll took a group picture for the memories.Eventhough there may have been some things to deal with,I still had fun.

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