May 6, 2008
By Sarah Mauser, Elkhart, IN

In one seemingly normal moment, you don't realize that something that you make a decision on can effect the rest of your life. Sometimes people wish they could get a time machine and go back to the moment where they messed up and change it for the better. My seemingly normal moment occured when I was in NYC. My band had been accepted to perform in the second most prestiguous parade in the US. We got to explore the depths of the big city. One of the journeys was to one of the malls where my mistake happened. We went to the mall and I was hanging out with my friends, who I had had a misunderstanding with earlier that day, and my guy friend asked me if I wanted to somewhere with him. Since my friends that were girls were no longer mad at me (I had hung out with the guy friend the day before), I said no. My guy friend unexpectantly got mad and this is the moment I wish I could go back to and do it differently. I wished I'd said yes at first and hung out with him. It haunts me every day what he could've said when we were on vacation. It's amazing that with one decision you push your life one way.........or another, less appealing way at a later time. And that life could've included a friend that swept me off my feet, possibly a boyfriend. If I would have thought about it, it would've been different. Indeed, with one choice you can dramatically change the outcome of your life.

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