The Trouble with Friends

May 6, 2008
By Rebekah Martin, LaVista, NE

I was sitting in my chair, with my head cradled in my arms, watching as two kids snuck into the courthouse to watch a black man get prosecuted. I was really tired because the night before I was up late doing my history paper. I lifted my head off my desk so that I could take a sip of my pop because my throat was really scratchy. As I raised my head I glanced over at one of my best friend’s Leah, and then all of the sudden I remembered how my life was before I moved to LaVista.

My life in Glenwood was, for the most part just good. I thought I had it all. I was at the top of my class, very popular, and I had a lot of friends. The only problem was that I didn’t have a best friend, I just had friends.

On my 12th birthday I had six girls that came to my party. And behold my luck, it turned into a huge fight. There was yelling, screaming, and tears, a lot of them. It was mortifying I had absolutely zero fun, and a lot of the yelling was toward me. It was my birthday and it was ruined by the people I thought were my friends. The day that everyone left I spent the whole day in my room balling my eyes out.

Another incident that I can remember, like it was yesterday. The day my drumline turned on me. I was a drummer back in Glenwood, and I was pretty good at it. I spent the five years
being the leader of the drum line. I loved every aspect of being on a team. I also had two of my friends on it with me. We would always talk about drumming like it was our life. One day everything changed. The middle school talent show was coming up and in 7th grade the drumline stole the talent show, We decided that we would do it again. The drumline ended up turning on me and they kicked me out of the talent show because they hated me or something. I was hurt because for one, I was the best drummer in the school and for two, I had friends on the line with me. I was confused as for why they did this. I cried for days and days, wondering what I did. I was hurt, but I remained friends with everyone. I acted like nothing was wrong and just went on with life, but deep down I was broken by friends could do something like that.

During all of this time my mom was in a bit of a pickle. She really wanted to move us somewhere else because my brother had gotten in trouble with some people. Then one day it happened. I found myself packing up my room, and trying to figure out how I was going to get through life. I was really depressed and for some reason I was sad that I had to leave the horrible people that I called friends. I didn’t want to leave.

Moving to LaVista was hard at first. I went from a girl with a lot of friends to a girl with none. I was very depressed for the first few months because I moved during the fourth quarter of 8th grade. I would stay home from school some days just because I was saddened and I had no friends. Once high school started, everything started to look up for me. I made great friends, an got involved in school activities. My friends I made were amazing, fun, and just the nicest people I had ever met. They weren’t like the ones I had back in Glenwood; they all, actually had hearts.

I turned to look at Leah in Mrs. Dorcy’s first hour class, and all I could do was smile. I

knew that my life had changed. My friends are INCREDIBLE! They make the best in me come out. We have the most fun ever. My personality never has shown so much in my life. Over the summer before Junior year I went to the American Idol concert with Brittney and Leah. I had a BLAST! They all ended up surprising me with back stage passes. I got to meet all the idols, and we just had the greatest time of our lives.

Now when I look back on my life with my friends from LaVista I realize that moving was the best thing for me. All I can do now that I have a few great friends is look back on my life in Glenwood and ask myself why? Why did I let myself get treated badly by people who didn’t even care about me?

I haven’t spoke to a single one of the people in Glenwood since I moved. And I honestly am glad. That day in Mrs. Dorcy’s first hour class I realized, having a few good friends is so much better then having a lot of crappy ones.

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