Toilet Paper Fun

May 6, 2008
By Megan Hobson, Delta, UT

Not many people have ever gone toilet papering but once you have it is one of the greatest experiences of your life, if you know who's house to do. It also helps to have a plan, you don't have to stick to it but it is a good idea to have one and to have loads of toilet paper. Now i have gone only twice and the first time wasn't even fun but the second time was a thrill.

The second time was so much fun it was for my friend's birthday party and she had been planning it for at least two weeks. She had an escape route and a way to get to the house and how much toilet paper to bring and how we were even going to walk to his house.

So by the time we all actually got to his house you can imagine we really didn't care about the plan we were just there to have fun. So it began we sneaked around his house and went to his lawn and started layering on the paper and there was an extra bonus, he had just watered his lawn. Then the real challenge began. Getting him to come out of the house to chase us. Which turned out not to be a challenge since he was already out and waiting for us.

It turns out he heard us laughing and went outside and got in his truck. Which meant it was time for the chase. As he turned on his lights my heart started racing and that meant i needed to run for my life. But it turns out I'm the dork that trips, thankfully though he didn't care about me. He only wanted my friend but thats not who he got. He actually got one of my other friends and it turns out the rumors are true. He will brand you with his branding iron. Since my friend got caught that meant that she was branded but it only burnt her clothes so it wasn't bad.

After he got her that meant that There was only three of us left at the house and we would have to hide. Luckily there was a semi-truck sitting in his field so we could hide behind it but he knew we were there so he circled it and so did we. He eventually left without us. as we started to go farther into his field we heard the girl screaming our names, which we thought was just a joke, so we ignored it.

we eventually started to head home but just when we were about to get close to the road we saw him coming. Then my friend called me all mad because we didn't come to save her but it was still funny. We followed his van home and everything was good except the fact that we had to sleep outside. The birthday girl was worried that he would come and do something to us in our sleep. But it was still really fun and he didn't even do anything to us.

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