May 6, 2008
By Hailee Holt, Delta, UT

Everybody hates braces, including me. I had my braces on for about two years until finally I got them off on January 2, 2008. My orthodontist office is up in Provo. I was so excited to get them off that I was counting down the minutes until I got there. After about an hour of traveling we eventually got there and were signed in to get them off. Then I had to wait for what seemed like five hours when it was only about twenty minutes. I got in and I sat on the uncomfortable chair. They started taking the ugly metal out of my mouth. The first bracket hurt. It felt like somebody just hit my mouth with a rock and left me there to be in pain. Only after that tooth it felt a lot better. After they pulled all of the ugly metal off they let me go and look in the mirror at them. I loved them! Even my family loved them. I had to go back in the chair and they had to get the glue off. I didn't like getting the glue off because it sounded like they were pulling my teeth out or cutting holes in them. After that they had to clean them off. Finally at the very end and when I was all done I had this feeling in my mouth that felt like somebody had put slime in my mouth. My teeth felt so slimy that it was kind of gross. When I got them off and all done I had to schedule an appointment to get some stupid retainers. The only cool part about that was I got to pick the colors of them. The colors I picked were bright pink and bright green. The next day when I got them I couldnt talk at all. I sounded like Sylvester the putty cat thats how bad it was.

The next day when I went to school everyone was making fun of how I talk. My new nickname was Sylvester. I hated it. It was the worst day of school in my whole entire life. So if any of you are going to get your braces off anytime or if you have braces, that is how it feels when you get them off. And don't worry if you get teased or something. When you get them off you will be so happy that they are off because they feel so good. And finally you wont have food stuck in your teeth any more because your braces are all gone and out of your mouth.

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