May 6, 2008
By Kinsey Lovell, Delta, UT

One day when I was a little girl I went over to my neighbors house to play with my friend named Veronica, and her older brother named Wesley was outside with us playing a game on the tramp. We were just playing along and all of the sudden I jumped up, and when I came back down, he jumped up right underneath me and cut my chin right open. I started to cry really hard, and there older brother Dylan came running out to see what was the matter with me and he noticed I was crying so he picked me up and ran me into the house, and that is when there mom took me from Dylan, after that she took me into her bathroom and cleaned it up, and she said that I would probably need to get some stitches. So she picked me up and carried me back to my house and then my mom came out, and she got my dad and they took me in to the emergency room.

When we got into the emergency room, the nurse cam in and looked at it. Then she got the doctor to come in and he put stitches in my chin.

When I got back to my house I went over to my neighbors house and showed them all my stitches. I thought that they were pretty cool! And that taught me the lesson that i should never horse play on the tramp.

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