A Stupid Fall

May 6, 2008
One sunny morning in the afternoon my mom had gone to work and my brother Mauricio was outside playing with his little neighbor friends. My dad was taking my other brother Victor to work with him. So while they were getting ready to go to work they were in the garage putting their boots on outside. I and Selena were eating eggs and fries for breakfast and we were watching TV. While we were eating breakfast I had to get up and get me some orange juice, so I went around where my sister and right behind her there is a really huge gap where it shows you the living room downstairs and right under that, the other TV is there with picture frames on it. Anyways when I was walking I tripped over the TV stand and Selena wasn’t in her chair so I grabbed it and I fell down where the gap was at and the picture frames were there and the chair fell with me. Victor came in and asked what that big noise was and I told him and he started laughing. I didn’t start crying though I just have a scar on my right shin.

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