Best Friend

May 4, 2008
By Jamie Carr, Oakley, CA

In the 3rd grade I had a really great bestfriend. I thought we were going to be friends forever! She was so nice and fun. I thought we were meant to be best friends. Then one day she started being really mean to me. So i didnt like her anymore. We both hated eachother until the 6th grade. I decided to talk to her. Im really glad I did, just because I talked to her we hung out again. We were bestfriends again!We still are.
As Jesus says in the bible "Love your enimies" And so I gave my bestfriend another chance. And were bestfriends again, I listened to God. I took his word, i loved my enimey. That took me real far. That girl is the bestest friend I've ever had and I trust her with anything now. I truley do. So I think you should take Gods word. It might work out for you like it did to me. ;]

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