An Overwhelming Experience

May 14, 2008
By Carley Neal, Moreauville, LA

In teen ink I read about this girl whose mom had breast cancer but survived. Well my mom had breast cancer about a year ago and didn’t know whether or not she was going to survive. One day she was just watching TV and she said her breast were starting to hurt and she said the lat time it hurt like that was when she was pregnant. The next day mom went see a doctor in Alexandria, to see why her breast were hurting so bad and felt weird as if there were lumps in her breasts. She waited an hour and a half to see the doctor once she finally got in the doctor’s room he started asking her questions. He asked her how often does your breast hurt and what kind of hurt is it. He also asked her if she had felt to see if she had any lumps. She said yeah and she felt like she had something in her breast but didn’t know what it was. So the doctor examined her and ran some tests and come to find out she had breast cancer. My mom cried and cried for hours she didn’t know what t do. She came home and told dad that she went to the doctor today to see why her breast were acting strange, my dad was shocked and didn’t know what to say. My parents hide my mom having cancer from us for a month. The day she told me I was so scared for he and all I could was cry. All I thought was I was going to lose my mom. My mom would tell me all the time everything’s going to be fine that’s she’s going to make it through all this leukemia. After she told me she had breast cancer I would go to the doctor with her every week she went. The last visit we went to the doctors was saying that her cancer is getting better and they might not have to go through leukemia. My mom and I were so happy and relieved but we still didn’t know for sure what was all going to happen. So my mom kept going to the to the doctor’s check ups and all the usual. The very best visit was when we waited in that waiting room in the doctor’s office for about an hour and when we saw the doctor he had terrific news for us. He sat my mom down, and of course I was right there, and told her that her cancer has been treated and won’t have to go through leukemia, they here case wasn’t as bad as they thought it out to be. My mom started crying because she was so happy and then I started crying because I knew now that my mom was going to be okay and that’s all that matter to me. It’s been a year and about 3 months since my mom had that talk with the doctor and everything’s perfectly fine and mom is great. Everyone should respect and appreciate their mothers because they do a lot for them that they don’t realize. And one day she might be gone.

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